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Atomic 2012 Sir Floatalot Snowboard

Sale: $279.00
Retail: $599.00

Save 53%
Atomic's 2012 Sir Floatalot is the most interesting board in the 2012 lineup (splitboards aside). This is Atomic's big mountain, powder hound entry, which has a reverse sidecut and a short running length. The rocker shape in the tip and tails gives the board that float that's indicated by the name. After you get past the initial shock of the shape and the rocker, you can see and feel that this is a damp snowboard that was built for speed and agility. We only recommend this board to advanced and expert riders, who are primarily off-piste riders (though this board tracks surprisingly excellent on hardpack).
    Appropriate ability levels.    
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Sorry this item is no longer available for purchase
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Atomic Freeride Snowboards: Interested in learning more about this style of Atomic Snowboard? Check out our Learn Center page about Atomic Freeride Snowboards!

Atomic Board Flex Rating: 7: Atomic's Flex Ratings go from 2 (soft) to 8 (stiff), so this board is one of the stiffest that Atomic makes. Stiffer boards have higher top speeds, better stability at speed and better stability through bumpy/choppy terrain--but softer boards are easier to learn on and easier to do terrain park tricks with. At a rating of 7, the rider using this board would be a very good snowboarder, capable of riding anywhere on the mountain and doing so with a good bit of speed.

This board has a reverse sidecut shape, which when combined with the rockered tip and tail, give you a massive amount of float. This board is a wide platform all around, from the tips to the waist this board is about one thing: surface area.

Floatalot Rocker: Atomic gave this board its own rocker profile, specifically for this board, specifically for the 163cm (the only size it was produced in). This rocker profile gives an effective edge of 128cm, though the board is 163cm from tip to tail. This means there is 35cm of rocker action split between the tip and the tail. This board will float over anything and be extremely nimble on the groomers.

1 Degree Power Bevel: This minimal edge angle allows for quicker edge to edge transitions than more exaggerated bevels. This edge bevel is built for speed and stability, but not for beginners, as you are more likely to catch an edge.

7200 Sintered Base: The stone ground finish of this base, along with the 7200 level Sintered material improves glide, and is typically found on intermediate and above level boards. This is often called a UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) base.

Truth3 Lightweight Wood Core: The Truth3 core is made of specially chosen, high-density Poplar along the edges and the inserts, and specially chosen low density poplar in between. This makes the board strong and beefy where it needs to be, and superlight where it doesn't.

Kinetic Core FR: This core feature means that the tip of this board has "space-age material" in the nose along with the lightweight poplar core. Atomic hasn't indicated precisely what material we are taking into space, but it is an extremely light metal foil that will store energy make the tip lighter than the tail. Having the tip lighter than the tail is significant for powder boards, as letting the tail sink will naturally raise the tips and give you more flotation.

D4 Sandwich Construction: This type of sandwich (full sidewall) construction sandwiches 4 layers of glass in between the poplar woodcore sections. There are definitely more complicated ways of describing this technology, but it would be hard for both of us to understand. Basically D4 construction means this board is extremely lively and poppy, so when you load it up with a turn, its going to accelerate you out of the turn.