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Cheap Ski Boots

Having trouble finding cheap ski boots--That are new and not pieces of junk? Well look no further feller, ya found 'em!

Ah yes, ski boots. Hands down, this is the most unpleasant skiing purchase that you’ll make. Not only is it difficult to find a boot that your feet will be friends with, but the price is often well into the hundreds. Seems like a crappy deal if you ask me. But that’s why Level Nine Sports has an incredible selection of cheap ski boots!

If you’ve ever gone ski boot shopping, then you know how stressful it can be. Unless you’re a beginner level skier, the trick is finding a boot that offers enough performance, at a decent price, that doesn’t make their foot cry out in pain. Veteran shoppers know that this trifecta is among the most elusive. If this story sounds familiar to you, try browsing some of the cheap ski boots that we have to offer here at Level Nine. Let’s start with some an entry level ski boot.

Cheap Ski Boots for Beginners

First, we’ve got the Roxa Cruise. This boot is great for the skier who is looking to get out on the slopes, with friends or family, and just enjoy the outdoors. So if racing down black diamonds isn’t your style, definitely check this boot out. We’ve currently got it marked as low as we could at $79 (now that’s a cheap ski boot!).

Cheap Ski Boots for Intermediates

Another great, cheap ski boot is the Head Next Edge GMX series. We've got a options available for both men and women (Next Edge GLX. Across the board though, these cheap ski boots are incredibly comfortable, and provide more support than the Roxa’s do. Currently, we have these Head boots available for as low as $175.00.

Cheap Ski Boots for Racers

And finally, for all of you professional ski racers out there who are, for some reason, looking for cheap ski boots, we've got various models of Head RS and RD ski boots. These boots are very narrow (96 mm last), and super stiff (at least 130). However, if these sound like something you might be into, then we’ve definitely got cheap ski boots for you. These boots start at $39.00. If you really are a racer who needs these, then you’ll know that this is a dirt cheap ski boot.

Cheap Ski Boots

See, told ya we’ve got some cheap ski boots for you. And a wide variety at that! If nothing I mentioned here piqued your interest, I’d recommend listing all of our cheap ski boots by price. I’m sure you’ll find something for you, but here are some more for you to check out: