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Discount Ski Boots

Ski boots are notoriously expensive. Let us help, with our discount ski boots!

If you've ever purchased new ski equipment, you've probably heard that ski boots are the most important part of any set up. Let's face it, if you don't love your skis, it's kind of whatever. You'll still strap them on and go up and down the hill all day. If you hate your ski boots though, chances are it's because they hurt your feet, and you'll end up spending a lot of time in the lodge.

Of course, quality ski boots are also expensive. But that's why we offer discount ski boots! Read that again. Notice that this doesn't mean cheap, but discount. This means the ski boots we have discounted used to cost way more. So by picking up one of our discount ski boots, you know you're getting an awesome deal. And don't worry, we have ski boots for every skier.

Discount Ski Boots for Beginners

Just below this paragraph, you'll find four great discount ski boots for beginners. Starting the list is the Roxa Cruise. This is a wide, forgiving boot that will carry beginners through to the intermediate level. Next up, is a great ski boot from Atomic. It's the Live Fit 50. This boot is great for beginners and has an adaptable width, perfect for wide feet. Also listed are the One Easy 5, and Alpina X4L ski boots. These are also excellent ski boot choices for lady beginners.

Discount Ski Boots: Roxa - Cruise

Roxa - Cruise
$79.00 - 68% off

Discount Ski Boots: Atomic 2013 Live Fit LF 50

Atomic 2013 Live Fit LF 50
$129.00 - 53% off

Discount Ski Boots: Nordica One Easy 5

Nordica One Easy 5
$99.00 - 64% off

Discount Ski Boots: Alpina X4L

Alpina X4L
$149.00 - 40% off

Discount Ski Boots for Intermediates

We also have a ton of great discount ski boots available for intermediate skiers. Boots in this range are typical slightly narrower, and slightly stiffer than beginner boots. Rather than being a generous 105+ mm last, discount ski boots for intermediate skier will usually be between 102 and 104 mm wide. There are exceptions, but generally, this is the case. Intermediate ski boots will also be just slightly stiffer than beginner boots, creating stability at quicker speeds. Here are some of our best discount ski boots for intermediates:

Discount Ski Boots: Rossignol Alias Sensor 70

Rossignol Alias Sensor 70
$149.00 - 49% off

Discount Ski Boots: Rossignol SAS FS1

Rossignol SAS FS1
$139.00 - 76% off

Discount Ski Boots: Nordica Cruise 60

Nordica Cruise 60
$139.00 - 51% off

Discount Ski Boots: Atomic Live Fit LF 70

Atomic Live Fit LF 70
$159.00 - 48% off

Discount Ski Boots for Advanced Skiers

Finally, for all of you anxious advanced skiers, we've got ski boots for you too. If you're looking for ski boots at this ability range, chances are you've done this before and don't need to be told what makes an advanced ski boot, advanced. But, just to play it safe, I'm going to tell you anyways! Advanced level ski boots are going to be much narrower, and much stiffer than other boots. Typically, advanced level ski boots are going to be extremely uncomfortable for riders who aren't yet used to such a restrictive fit. If you think you're ready for some advanced boots though, then check out some of the discount ski boots that we have available for you:

Discount Ski Boots: Head RD 96 SH3

Head RD 96 SH3
$39.00 - 95% off

Discount Ski Boots: ischer Soma Zephyr 110 W

Fischer Soma Zephyr 110 W
$179.00 - 71% off

Discount Ski Boots: Fischer Soma Progressor 110

Fischer Soma Progressor 110
$209.00 - 41% off

Discount Ski Boots: Fischer Soma Worldcup Pro 150

Fischer Soma Worldcup Pro 150
$169.00 - 84% off

Of course, we have more discount ski boots than we even listed here! If you don't see what you want at a price you like, I encourage you to take some time and explore our site. If you're in the market for some ski boots, your search should start and end here at Level Nine Sports. We have the best discount ski boots available, and we dare you to find a better deal!