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Goode 2014 Sorcerer Carbon Composite Ski Poles

Sale: $39.00
Retail: $75.00

Save 48%
Most people know Goode makes ski poles, but a lot of people don't know that Goode also makes snow and water skis. These poles were made to match the graphics of a couple Goode downhill ski called Sorcerer. We don't have any of those skis to sell, but we did get a heck of a deal on these poles and are passing the savings onto you, the lovely customer. These are super durable composite poles that have an cool (but tame) graphic that will match any ski and any outfit. This is a great deal on some poles that will last forever (not literally forever, but pretty close).
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Carbon Composite Shaft: This shaft has a Carbon/Graphite composite material. While not as lightweight as pure Carbon, carbon composites are much stronger and lighter than aluminum poles, and are even stronger than cheaper composites, though their weight and shock absorption will be very similar to non-Carbon Composite poles.

Easy In Strap: A velcro strap that is easy to get in and out of, and can be adjusted to fit just about any size hand/wrist.

Ice Breaker Tip: A sharp, yet durable tip doesn't slip on firm snow to get solid plants for turning and pushing along the flats. Keep in mind that they are sharp, so use caution during pole jousting matches.

Rubberized grip: A tacky material aids in grip between the gloves and handle (grip) of the poles, so you don't loose, uh grip.

12.7mm Diameter Shaft: 12.7mm is the standard diameter of a set of ski poles.

Interchangeable Baskets: These poles do not come with wider baskets, but they are compatible with any Goode pole basket from the last few years, so if you have powder baskets on an older set of Goodes, you can re-use them with these poles!

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