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Nordica One S 65 RTL Ski Boots

Sale: $119.00
Retail: $325.00

Save 63%
The Nordica One S 65 is a roomy, soft-flexing boot that was originally intended to be part of a rental fleet. These are 104mm in the forefoot which is great for wide feet and is a generous fit for narrow feet. The flex is a soft 65 which is great for beginners to intermediates. The best feature about this boot is the ski/walk mode that is integrated into the second buckle. Simply just flip it all the way forward and you can walk around the lodge a little bit more easily.
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104mm last: Comfort is key for skiers matching up to this last width. It is roomy and comfortable, making it the preferred choice for recreational skiers that demand comfort above all else. This is the boot type that most recreational skiers prefer.

65 Flex Index: This boot has a flex index of 65, which is best for beginner to intermediate skiers. A boot of this flex will be more comfortable and generally lighterweight than a stiffer boot, but will be less responsive while skiing at high speeds.

Ski Boot Tongue PullTongue Pull: A loop of fabric at the top of the tongue helps in putting on and removing the boots. Pull it forward and to the side and your foot should slide right in.

25mm strap: Velcro strap at the top of the boot that acts as an extra buckle, but without the hassle of a buckle. The strap holds the top of the boot together to provide a more even pressure across the front of the boot when flexing it.

Macro adjust ladder (SuperMacro): The tooth plate opposite the top buckles can be moved in or out for a huge range of adjustment, and to fit narrow to wide lower legs.

Replaceable Toe and Heel Pads: This is a must-have for skiers that don't live in ski in/ski out condos. When your ski tech tells you that you have to buy new boots because the soles are worn down too much they can usually be ordered pretty easily from the manufacturer. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to look into it for you.

3-D Comfort Liner: This boot has a 3D Comfort Liner that is designed to be incredibly warm and of course comfortable so your feet stay happy and you stay out skiing for as long as possible.

Integrated Buckle Ski/Walk Mode : The second buckle down from the top has two purposes on this boot a regular buckle as well as the ski/walk mode mechanism. Simply undo the buckle all the way and you will see that it is attached to a cable that will make the boot easier to flex, and flip it back to buckle up your boot and your back to ski mode.

Extra Set of Heel/Toe Pads Included: These boots come with an extra set of heel and toe pads for the boots so your soles will have double the life! Bonus!

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