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Dakine Hana 26L Women's Backpack
Dakine Hana 26L Women's Backpack
$36.00  $19.00 
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Level Nine Nuggie
The Nuggie is what one might consider a miracle. It’s about as simple as it gets, and its uses are endless. The basic idea for the Nuggie, is that it’s a Snuggie for your neck. The intent of it is to keep your neck warm, though it can be used endless ways to create practical solutions to silly problems.

Ok, I’m being vague. A Nuggie is literally a tubular piece of stretch fabric that you typically pull over your head to keep you warm. Because it’s so simple though, the possibilities are endless. For example, you could use it as a balaclava, a doo rag, a head wrap, a scrunchy, a neck warmer, a bandana, literally whatever you can come up with.

It’s definitely a sweet, simple little garment that is sure to enhance your active lifestyle, whether it’s standing in the blowing snow, or keeping your hair out of your eyes when you hit the gym. Check out the selection of Arctic Nuggies in stock that have a fleece attachment. As well as the Regular Nuggies!