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Salomon Irony Breeze Women's Ski Boots

Sale: $119.00
Retail: $240.00

Save 50%
Comfort and warmth is the name of the game here. The Salomon Breezes are supposed to make learning to ski (or progressing through the intermediate ranks) a 'breeze.' These boots are wide and comfy and soft flexing, the ThermicFit liner is plush and warm, and will mold over time to the shape of the skier's foot. Beginners, intermediates, or anyone whose primary focus is being happy, comfortable and warm should take a look at these boots!
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60 Flex Index: Great for beginners and intermediate skiers that need a forgiving boot to give comfort throughout the day.

104mm last: Comfort is key for skiers matching up to this last width. It is roomy and comfortable, making it the preferred choice for recreational skiers that demand comfort above all else. This is the boot type that most recreational skiers prefer.

PU Shell: Poly Urethane shell (plastic) that resists stretching and is durable for long life.

25mm strap: Velcro strap at the top of the boot that acts as an extra buckle, but without the hassle of a buckle. The strap holds the top of the boot together to provide a more even pressure across the front of the boot when flexing it.

Macro adjust ladder (SuperMacro): The tooth plate opposite the top buckles can be moved in or out for a huge range of adjustment, and to fit narrow to wide lower legs.

Makrolon Buckles: Makrolon buckles are made from the same type of plastic laminate used in bullet proof glass. These babies are highly shatter resistant and scratch resistant, while being very lightweight.

Thermicfit Liner: Salomon's Thermicfit is akin to Head's HeatFit, and Langes Thermomoldable liners. Basically if you heat 'em up (either by just skiing in them--body heat, or via some other method, like a hair dryer), the liner will conform to the shape of your foot. Pretty sweet.

***Quick Disclaimer: Thermic Fit liners are different than Therm-ic boot heaters. These boots have Thermic Fit heat moldable liners, not Therm-ic ready footbeds! (You probably knew that, but we just had to be sure!)

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