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Ski and Snowboard Helmets
As some of you might have noticed, a lot of people are skiing and snowboarding with helmets. They are the smart ones. Everyone else needs an extra nudge to start wearing one. You might have a list of excuses as to why you won't ever wear a helmet, but here's a reason that will trump any excuse: Someday you will need your brain.

The whole Level Nine Sports staff wears helmets when they ride, and so should you. There are rare cases when its OK to go without, but we feel that it is mandatory if you are riding at a resort, if you snowboard, and especially if you are a child. Letting your kids ski and snowboard without a helmet is next to criminal.

Helmets now come in all types of sizes, styles, and comfort levels, so there is one out there to suit your requirements. Features such as removable vents, removable ear flaps, and extra padding can make the difference for those who are having a hard time transitioning to wearing helmets.

Here at Level Nine Sports, we offer several manufacturers with myriad of styles to give you a great selection.

Bern is one of the hottest helmet companies out there today, drawing their designs from young, professional athletes. All of the Bern helmets are categorized as Multi-Sport, meaning you can use the same helmet for skiing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, etc.

Smith Helmets are some of the most technologically advanced helmets with features designed to maximize airflow for de-fogging and temperature control. They are also some of the best looking helmets on the market today with a model to satisfy the desires of park rats, big mountain rippers and junior skiers alike. We carry many different models of Helmets from Smith at our famously low prices!

Giro Helmets have been around for quite some time now, perfecting the art of head protection with a successful bike helmet line, only naturally venturing into winter helmets, these are some of the most comfortable and sleek looking helmets out there.

Salomon Helmets are definitely some of the nicest helmets that we carry, they offer comfort and adjustment features in almost every model of helmet, including the Custom Air or Reebok pump system as we have unofficially coined. They also offer a full line of helmets to fit every style.