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Tecnica Inferno Blaze Ski Boots

Sale: $179.00
Retail: $550.00

Save 67%
The Inferno Blaze by Technica is a 110 flex, 98mm last advanced ski boot that was made to feel like an intermediate boot that slides on and off easily and can be skied in comfortably all day long. This level of comfort is accomplished by a number of adjustments available to customize the boots' fit without paying for after-market bootfitting, as well as a Technica specific technology called Quick Instep (more info on the adjustments and QI below). We highly recommend this boot to motivated intermediates as well as advanced skiers who want a rock-solid but not punishing boot.
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Secret Stash. You have found the secret stash, home to the best deals on the net, these are the best deals from a website of great deals, insane discounts on products we are trying to move out. These products won't last long so be sure to be quick on the trigger.

Atomic 98 Last98mm last: Forefoot width of 98mm offers an expertly performing low-volume fit. Boots of this last width can run the gamut from very tight fitting to reasonably comfortable, but they will all fit much much tighter than a rental or intermediate boot.

100/110 Adjustable Flex Rating: At this flex, the skier should have good form, be skiing fast and aggressively. These boots feature an adjustable flex so you can set the boots to the softer or harder setting based on the day or based on your preferences.

Quick InstepQuick Instep: A softer piece of plastic is co-molded in the instep area that results in an easy-entry and easy-exit instep that is guaranteed to make the beginning and end of your day much more enjoyable.

Hinged Instep The instep catch is on a hinge allowing it to adjust for better pressure distribution and closure. It can pivot away from the shell allowing the shell to spread without interference allowing easy entry and exit.

Carbon Steel Micro Adjustable Buckles: Steel in which the main alloying constituent is carbon makes up these buckles. This alloy is marginally heavier than aluminum or plastic but light years sturdier. Buckles of this type were meant to send it and not break.

Cuff AlignmentCuff Alignment: The cuff of this boot is beyond adjustable. It aligns the cuff to follow the shape of the skiers' lower leg, increasing comfort and enhancing performance.

Bi component shell: Two different densities of plastic used to keep the boot stiff and able to perform at high speeds, yet softer in specific areas to make them easier to put on and take off.

Fleece Lining: This boot sports a fleece lining to add extra warmth to the foot. It also adds a great deal of comfort as the lining breaks in and forms around the foot.

Replaceable Toe and Heel Pads: This is a must-have for skiers that don't live in ski in/ski out condos. When your ski tech tells you that you have to buy new boots because the soles are worn down too much, just laugh at him and tell him to order you a new set of sole plates.

Double Velcro Powerstrap: This a powerstrap on steroids. Using a simple pulley, the double power strap can tightened significantly more than a regular shin strap, which effectively acts as an extra buckle, keeping your upper shin and calf locked right where they're supposed to be.

Thermo-moldable Liner: These liners can be pre-molded before you ski, by warming the up and walking around, or you can mold them over time simply by skiing in them. The liner can be remolded multiple times, as well!

The boot board, or zeppa as they are sometimes called, is thicker and more elastic than a traditional boot board, so it will comfortably absorb a lot of punishment so your heels don't have to.

Another absorbing insert placed between the shell and the liner provides shock absorption for the back of the skier's leg. This one comes in handy more for walking around and skiing switch than the heel shock absorber, which comes in handy pretty much every run of everyday.

UK Shoe Size Listed : The equivalent UK shoe size is printed next to the Boot Sole Length on the heel of the boot as well as on the sizing stickers. This is not the American size, so make you still go by the Mondo size and/or boot sole length.

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