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Auclair Aspen Gloves
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Used Skis
The fact that you're reading this is a bad sign. Why in the world would you want info on used skis when you can get new skis for the same price? If you need to be convinced more, let us give you some info on why buying used skis is bad.

1. Used skis don't come with warranties. All our skis do.
2. You don't know what condition the core of the used ski is in. It could blow up on you after skiing it just a couple of times and then what do you do? You don't have a warranty? You just wasted a bunch of money. Don't do that!
3. Used skis are ugly. No one wants to spend money on something that has scratches on it.
4. Everyone will think your lame for buying used skis. Including us. If this isn't enough info to convince you that buying used skis is bad then I don't know what else to tell you. Good luck with life.

Check out some of our insane deals on NEW skis just to really drive the point home for you: