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Women's Ski and Snowboard Helmets

Need the best price on a Smith, Giro, Bern and some other Women's Specific Helmets? Then you have come to the right place.
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 Smith 2014 Intrigue Women's Helmet   Smith 2014 Intrigue Women's Helmet

The Smith Intrigue Helmet is a low profile helmet for ladies that offers an even blend of comfort, protection and style. Smith always nails it when it comes to helmets and the Intrigue is no exception....

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 Bern Lenox EPS Women's Helmet   Bern Lenox EPS Women's Helmet

The Bern Lenox Helmet is the feminine version of the very popular Watts design. The Lenox combines the original Bern visor (tm!), with smaller shell sizes, and some feminine details (like the butterfly...

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 Smith 2013 Voyage Women's Helmet   Smith 2013 Voyage Women's Helmet

The Smith Voyage is essentially the Transport but transformed to appeal to the ladies. Furrying up the inner liner makes this helmet super comfy and warm (two things everyone looks for in a helmet). The...

70% off
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 Smith 2014 Voyage Women's Helmet   Smith 2014 Voyage Women's Helmet

Going on a Voyage? Take one of these Smith Voyages and you'll never regret it. Smith's Hybrid In-Mold technology maximizes the ventilation available without sacrificing any performance or style. This helmet...

46% off
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 Bern Cougar Women's Helmet   Bern Cougar Women's Helmet

The Cougar is Bern's top-of-the-line Women's helmet complete with adjustable vents (for optimum temperature control) and a detachable brim (for some added style). This helmet will be very warm and cozy...

57% off
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 Smith 2013 Intrigue Women's Helmet Black Pearl   Smith 2013 Intrigue Women's Helmet Black Pearl Small

The Intrigue helmet from Smith will offer superior protection and keep you looking good on the mountain. It has a low profile design with some subtle, color choices (keep in mind it is called the intrigue)....

54% off
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 Smith 2015 Compass Women's Helmet   Smith 2015 Compass Women's Helmet

The Smith Compass Women's helmet is essentially the same as the Camber, but is feminized with stylish accents and plush furry lining. This helmet combines style, performance and ventilation all in one...

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 Smith 2014 Vantage Women's Helmet   Smith 2014 Vantage Women's Helmet

The Vantage Women's Helmet is one of the nicest helmets available on the market today it has a whopping 21 vents and has an extremely comfortable (and adjustable) fit. The Boa fit system allows you to...

50% off
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 Giro Lure Women's Ski/Snowboard Helmet   Giro Lure Women's Ski/Snowboard Helmet

The Giro Lure, much like its identical twin brother the Montane, is just as exceptionally lightweight, comfortable and sleek looking but in a much cuter way. The Carabiner on the side is the TripClip carry...

50% off
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 Smith 2013 Arrival Women's Helmet   Smith 2013 Arrival Women's Helmet Black/Gold Small

The Arrival is right on time, offering a great fit, function and tasteful design, ladies everywhere will be pleased. It is lined with soft furry fleece that will be extremely comfy on your ears and face...

50% off
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 Bern Berkeley Women's Helmet   Bern Berkeley Women's Helmet

The Berkeley helmet is a hard-foam Zip Mold helmet, which is a liquid foam injection process that results in a super lightweight, low profile, extra high performance helmet that meets all North American...

51% off
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 Smith 2015 Vantage Women's Helmet   Smith 2015 Vantage Women's Helmet

The Vantage Women's Helmet is one of the nicest helmets on the market today. It has a whopping 21 vents and an extremely comfortable (and adjustable) fit. The Boa fit system allows you to literally dial...

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 Smith Skullcandy Wireless Bluetooth Audio   Smith Skullcandy Wireless Bluetooth Audio System

The Skullcandy Bluetooth system integrates wireless connectivity giving the skier or rider music and cell phone availability. This all-inclusive system includes USB charging and direct connect audio cables....

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 Smith Skullcandy Single-Shot Audio   Smith Skullcandy Single-Shot Drop-In Audio

The Skullcandy Single Shot Audio system was designed with your helmet in mind. If you have a Smith Helmet that is audio compatible you can simply unzip the liner where the earpads are and drop these bad...

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 Smith Skullcandy Direct Connect Audio   Smith Skullcandy Direct Connect Drop-In Audio

The Skullcandy Direct Connect Audio is a simple headphone set that you can drop into your helmet's earpads. You'll be jammin' out to Biggie, Lady Gaga or the Grateful Dead in no time at all. Skiing with...

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 Bern Cougar 2 Women's Helmet   Bern Cougar 2 Women's Helmet Gloss Black XS/S

The Cougars are on the prowl, and not the kind that flock to suburban ski bars , these are helmets designed for skiing and snowboarding. The Cougar is the nicest of the Women's Bern line and has 10 vents...

72% off
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 Salomon 2015 Icon Women's Ski/Snowboard Helmet   Salomon 2015 Icon Women's Ski/Snowboard Helmet White Small

Salomon is pretty darn good at making helmets, all of have a modern, sleek aesthetic and this is certainly not an exception. The EPS shell-liner has a tightening mechanism, so even if its not Custom Air,...

19% off
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 Smith 2011/2012 Intrigue Women's Adjustable Helmet   Smith Intrigue Women's Adjustable Helmet Petal Blue Medium

The Smith Intrigue women's helmet has fuzzy tricot lining and is adjustable via a Boa knob at the back, so heads of all shapes and sizes will find a comfortable home here. The Intrigue features hybrid...

61% off
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 Salomon Poison Women's Helmet   Salomon Poison Women's Helmet Matte Black Extra Small

The ladies version of the Patrol helmet is just as cool in every way, including the faux fur ears. The Salomon Poison helmet has the benefit of a vent system that is opened and closed with a small tab...

63% off
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 Bern 2014 Lenox EPS Women's Helmet   Bern 2014 Lenox EPS Women's Helmet Satin White/Black Brim Small/Medium

The Bern Lenox EPS helmet is the Watt's twin sister since it shares the same design, but is offered in different (more girly) colors. These helmets are all the rage in the bike world, which reminds me...

30% off
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 Bern Brighton Women's Audio Helmet White   Bern Brighton Women's Audio Helmet White Extra Small

Bern's Brighton helmet is the women's all-day, do it all, anywhere, any day, any season sports helmet. Twelve passive vents keep this helmet airy and breezy even on the sunniest spring days, and when it...

67% off
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