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Our Gear In Review is fueled by Peter, our Advertising and Analytics Specialist.  Peter goes over some of the technology and what he likes about his new Nordica Enforcer 100 2018 Skis.


The Nordica Enforcer 100 is my daily go-to for this season because of its versatile width and excellent performance in a variety of conditions. I wasn’t even planning on buying skis this year but after I demoed these at the end of last season, I knew I had to have a pair. They carve beautifully, especially once you get them into a hard carve and engage the edges in the rockered tips. The dual metal laminates keep them stable at speed but they remain surprisingly nimble for trees or bumps. I’ll be skiing these on hard pack and mixed snow days and I’ll probably even use them when there is fresh snow but not enough to justify bringing out my fat skis.

Shop Now For your Nordica Enforcer 100

Nordica’s Enforcer won the award of 2017 Ski of the Year, so they have brought it back with a vengeance for this year. The construction that makes up this 100mm waisted edition of the ski that’s dubbed the Enforcer 100 tells you a lot of what you need to know about the ski.

Its full wood core sits sandwiched between metal sheets on either side, with fiberglass added for stiffness and snap. The resulting flex pattern combines with authoritative camber underfoot, and a slightly rockered nose to blast you down crud, powder, hardpack, or even groomers with gloriously composed reckless abandon. Read more

  • 100mm Waist Width
  • Wood Core
  • Dual Titanal Layers
  • Sandwich Construction
  • Textured Topsheet

Adventure Goal Completion with John Jarvie. 4k miles, 365 Days

John Jarvie works for L9 as a customer service agent specializing in Bikewagon orders and anything bike related.  Jarvie has recently completed an awesome bike goal of riding 4000 miles this year. Below you will find some questions and answers about his travels and what inspired this adventure, also featured is a video touching on just one of Johns many adventures. What an inspiration to us all!


Q: What was the goal that you accomplished?

A: I set a goal of riding my bike the distance of 4000 miles in one year.

Q: What made you set out to accomplish this?

A: After getting divorced 2 years ago, I set a goal of 3000 miles in a year last year and this year I set it to 4000 miles

Q: What were some of your motivations for getting the job done?

A: The biggest motivation was to try and increase my health and strength. The other part was just to say that I did it and to force myself to get out of my comfort zone.

Q: Did you travel to accomplish any or all of your goal? Explain.

A: I did travel a little bit. I road across the states of Iowa (425 miles) and Utah.(450 miles)  But most of the riding was in my general area near my home.

Q: What was the main equipment you used? Did you have any major issues?

A: Most of my riding was done on my Surly ECR but did some on my road bike and my mt bikes and a few fat bike rides.

Q: Would you try this again? Why?

A: Yes, I will do it again next year. It gives me something to look forward to and helps motivate me when I feel like maybe I do not want to ride, it helps me to push forward and go, once I get started on a ride, I always am glad I went. I will set the goal for 4000 again this year (2018), but someday when I can afford to take the time off work, I will ride coast to coast across the United States.

Employee Spotlight: Customer Service Manager Jon Uda

Below you will find a brief Q & A with our Customer Service Department Manager, Jon Uda.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Park City, Utah


Q: Did you race ski/snowboard or bikes growing up? Any fun memories?

A: I didn’t race growing up. I always enjoyed freeriding and I didn’t like the kids on the race team much.


Q: How long have you worked at L9? What do you like about it?

A: 7 years as of August! I like the small shop feel that we have. We are still a small company and our end-all goal is to provide great deals to folks in an industry that is notoriously high priced. We pride ourselves on how we treat the customer and their overall experience and that is a rare quality to find in a ski shop/Company in my opinion.



Q: Are you a skier or snowboarder?

A: I am a skier

Q: Do you prefer MTB or road biking?

A:I like both. MTB has always been a bit more fun but I always get hurt so I mainly ride my fixed gear around town just for a little exercise. Plus Mountain Bikes are out of my price league!


Q: What is your favorite ski resort, why?

A: I have had a season pass to PCMR since I was 2. I enjoy it very much because I know where to go and there is some good terrain still. Deer Valley is a hidden Gem. but if I had to choose a favorite place I have skied, It would probably be Montana. Big Sky and Bridger bowl are super fun!


Q: Favorite Biking trails?

A: When I was growing up. Round Valley was the good cross country trail. We rode DV trails “Big Bear” and “Suds” for some downhill riding.


Q: What is your preferred goggle/sunglass brand, why?

A: Smith Optics. There are a ton of great goggles out there but I have to have the Clip strap on the back. I really don’t like messing with my hat when I put my goggles on and the clip strap allows me to place my goggle on my head without having to rearrange anything. Pit Viper Sunglasses keep me looking fresh and cool in the spring when I am in some Retro gear.

Q: Favorite terrain to ski?

A: I am a big fan of speed. It doesn’t matter what kind of terrain it is as long as I can go fast. I like the challenge of more difficult terrain and I try to ski everything as fast as I can. Straight lining Moguls and railing groomers is a must but I like anything any mountain has to offer.

Q: Have you traveled overseas to participate in snow sports or biking?

A: Unfortunately not. I haven’t had the time or money to get out of the country. Japan and Whistler are top on the list though.

Thanks Jon for giving us all a glimpse into the life of a legend.

Preseason Gear Check

Here in Utah, our ski season is just kicking off and we believe it is always a best practice to inspect your ski or snowboard gear before the season starts.  Not only making sure your gear is up to safety guidelines but also making sure it is tuned properly to ensure you get the most out of your hard earned gear every day on the hill. In the video below Cole outlines a few things to look for when inspecting your gear. You don’t want loose parts on your family’s skis or snowboards, take a few minutes to make sure things start off smoothly.

What to look for when pulling your skis out of storage for the ski season.

Check for:

  • Rusty or untuned edges.
  • Dry or unproperly tuned base.
  • Ensure ski bindings are indemnified, relevant and safe to use. (This is best performed by a certified ski technician)
  • Ensure all snowboard binding hardware is tight. No rider wants bindings that move around on top of the board.

Thanks for checking out our Preseason Ski and snowboard checklist. As always we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service team if you have any questions, our expert staff is only moments away from answering your questions.

More useful information about winter sports, check out the L9 Sports YouTube channel >>


Maintenance Monday: How to replace your bike’s pedals

Removing pedals and installing them isn’t tough, but as with most bike maintenance tasks, a little knowledge will save you some headaches and ensure you have more time to ride! It’s an essential skill for any do-it-yourselfer.

So this week, our guy Cole teaches us how to remove your bike’s pedals and re-install or replace them. Check it out:

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L9 SpotCheck: Review of Utah’s Wild Rose Loop MTB Trail

Wild Rose Loop

We’re happy to introduce you to SpotCheck, where we take our camera to a cool trail or slope and let you know what we think of it. In this first installment, we headed just up the road from our headquarters to ride the While Rose Loop singletrack mountain bike trail. The trailhead is just outside the city limits, making it super easy to get to, and it gives you some amazing views of the Great Salt Lake.

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L9 Summer Love Sweepstakes

Summer is our second favorite time of the year.

Bikes, boats, BBQ’s, what’s not to love? We want to see your summer fun. Tag your social media photos with #L9SummerLove and you will be entered to win an L9 Summer Love Prize Pack. Weekly winners will be selected each Friday in July and a grand prize winner will be selected on Friday July 28, 2017.

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New Zealand Winter Tourism Survival Guide

New Zealand has a huge tourism industry, and for good reason. Peak travel time is in the summer, but those who skip the winter in New Zealand are missing out on a real treat. A trip to New Zealand in the winter means that you get to bypass the crowds, the high prices, and the humid summer weather. That great New Zealand sunshine however, remains.

But one of the best things about it are that the seasons in New Zealand are reversed, when compared to North America. That means that the New Zealand winter is going on while it’s summer here — making it the perfect place for those who need their fix of winter sports throughout the year.

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Top 5 Ski Exercises Anyone Can Do

Skiing is hard work. It’s a full body workout that is always a lot easier (and more fun!) when you are in good shape. It also works out muscles that you don’t often use elsewhere. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to come up with a ski workout plan, whether it is ski season or not. If you put a little bit of effort into keeping ski fit throughout the summer, hitting the slopes next fall is going to be a lot easier.

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Top 4 Hidden Treasures in the New Zealand Mountains for Winter Sports

Skiing around Queenstown, NZ

When most people are planning winter trips to go skiing or snowboarding, there are a few famous default destinations that most people tend to go to first — the Alps in Europe, the Rocky Mountain formation in North America. However, there is one major winter sport destination that often gets forgotten by those of us in the Northern Hemisphere: New Zealand.

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