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 Rossignol 2014 Slat Skis   Rossignol 2014 Slat Skis

The Rossignol Slat Skis are about as versatile as they come. Geared towards the Parker White's of the ski world (a Rossi pro who skis everything from urban rails to backcountry pillow lines), the Slat...

50% off
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 Rossignol S7 Women's Twin Tip Powder Skis   Rossignol S7 Women's Twin Tip Powder Skis

The Ladies S7 is the same as the men's, just with better topsheet art (a male is writing this) and better base art, and they are available in smaller sizes. What do you get when you buy these skis? Hmm,...

62% off
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 Rossignol Super 7/Dalbello Strike 110 Complete Ski Package   Rossignol Super 7/Dalbello Strike 110 Complete Powder Ski Package

Looking for the ultimate in powder/big mountain slaying setups? The buck stops here! The Super 7 from Rossi basically the infamous "S7" built with a layer of metal and some extra width. These babies will...

54% off
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 Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis   Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis

A wider, beefed up version of the Salomon BBR 7.9 rears its head in the form of the 89mm underfoot BBR 8.9. The 8.9s also have sandwich (full sidewall) construction style, which makes them stiffer and...

72% off
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 Rossignol S7 Women's/Rossi Electra 80 Complete Ski Package   Rossignol S7 Women's/Rossi Electra 80 Complete Powder Ski Package

The S7 Women's package was put together for those ladies who just need their very own powder ski. We're looking at your UT, CO, WA (sometimes VT)! This three part package comes with the always floatacious...

60% off
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 Fischer 2014 Watea 88 Rocker Skis Green   Fischer 2014 Watea 88 Rocker Skis Green

The Fischer Watea Series is one of the lightest weight all mountain skis we have seen through L9. The Snowy tree graphics will definitely make you want to go skiing so you know these will look and feel...

53% off
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 Rossignol 2014 Scratch Pro Skis   Rossignol 2014 Scratch Pro Skis

The Scratch series skis have been around since freeskiing began and was pivotal in the evolution of twin tip skis. The Scratch was one of the first sidewall construction park skis which is prevalent in...

50% off
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 Ninthward HHP/Dalbello Strike 110 Complete Ski Package   Ninthward HHP/Dalbello Strike 110 Complete Park Ski Package

This package was designed for all those Park Rat's out there looking to spin, carve, grind, jib, tap, schralp and whatever other word there is for skiing. The HHP stands for Henrik Harlaut Pro who is one...

58% off
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 Salomon BBR 8.9/Dalbello Strike 110 Ski Package   Salomon BBR 8.9/Dalbello Strike 110 Complete Ski Package

The BBR 8.9 ski package is going to make this decision so much easier for someone looking for an all mountain ski. The BBR has a unique shape that boasts supreme performance in all snow conditions. The...

59% off
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 Head Rev 90/Dalbello Strike 110 Complete Ski Package   Head Rev 90/Dalbello Strike 110 Complete Adult Ski Package

The Head Rev 90 might be one of the most versatile skis we have seen at L9. It's 90mm at the waist so it will carve without much effort and with the ERA 3.0 rocker it will float in soft snow like a boss....

49% off
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 Ninthward Henrik Harlaut Pro Model Park Skis   Ninthward Henrik Harlaut Pro Model Park Skis

The Ninthward HHP Park Skis were originally designed for heavy hitting park skier Henrik Harlaut (EDollo) whose all around style and especially nose butter double corks go unmatched still to this day....

77% off
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 Head Ethan Too Skis   Head Ethan Too Skis 166cm

The Head Ethan Too skis are a perfect tweener ski for the park, powder and everything in between. They are 91mm underfoot which isn't too wide for sliding rails in the park, but isn't too narrow for schralping...

50% off
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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 36 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3 [Next >>]