2015 Cane Creek Double Barrel Inline Rear Shock

Don't expect anything less than the best with the Cane Creek DB Inline rear shock. Built for lower travel bikes, this this sleek twin-tube design packs top-caliber performance, excellent efficiency, and the smoothest ride around.

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  • Twin-tube damping provides small bump sensitivity and adjustability
  • Climb Switch gives greater climbing efficiency on the go
  • Precision machined parts
  • Four-way independent adjustability
  • Handbuilt in North Carolina, USA
  • Weight: 295 grams
  • Damping: Twin-tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and four low-speed damping circuits
  • Adjustments:
    • High-/low-speed compression
    • High-/low-speed rebound
    • Climb switch on/off
  • Mounting interface: Norglide bushing 1/2" universal axle
  • Eye-to-eye: 7.25" or 7.875"
  • Stroke: 7.25": 1.75", 7.875": 2.25"

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