2015 Manitou Dorado Pro 27.5" MTB Fork 203mm Travel 36mm TPC Air 20mm

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You might not have thought it possible that a DH race fork like this Dorado Pro could be weight weinied down over 110g from the Expert model, but that is exactly what Manitou has done. All remains the same internally between the lower dollar Expert model and the Pro save roughly 110g according to our scales. They have done that by switching up the aluminum alloy used. Since all else is the same, here's how we describe the Expert model:

The first thing you notice about the Dorado Expert 27.5" 203mm travel fork is its inverted construction more commonly seen on motorcycles than on a mountain rig. So if you gear up with your full face and an assortment of body armor when you get ready for a ride, you have come to the right place. Your idea of a good time is letting the pull of gravity coax your bike up to speeds more common in the realm of the moto. This fork is equipped to let you adjust what matters most to you for your preferred feel when you are ripping colossally fast. Fine tune the high speed rebound. Use the TPC+ adjustment to adjust compression damping. It will all feel the same at the bottom of the run as it did at the top thanks to the open-bath cartridge.

  • Frame bumpers
  • Stanchion protection shields
  • Capable of internal adjustment from 203mm down to 180mm (it's a big job though)
  • Direct mount capable
  • Hydraulic bottom-out resistance circuit, externally adjustable rebound damping, Externally Adjustable TPC+ compression damping, externally adjustable high speed compression damping all contained within an open-bath cartridge, making it lightweight, quick to bleed, and easy to set up
  • Bike Type: MTB big race bombah DH
  • Wheel Size: 27.5 in
  • Steerer Diameter: 1 1/8 in straight
  • Steerer Length: 255mm
  • Brake Compatibility: disc
  • Travel: 203mm
  • Adjustments: air-pressure, rebound, TPC
  • Stanchion diameter: 36mm
  • Dropouts/axle type: 20mm thru axle
  • Hub Spacing: 110mm
  • Crown Race Diameter: 30mm
  • Color: Black / White(logo)
  • Weight on our scale: 3024g


SKU 37-443-00002
Bike Type MTB
Steerer Tube Diameter 1-1/8-in
Fork Travel 203mm
Fork Type Suspension
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan

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