Abus U-Grip 560 Cable Lock 65cm x 8mm White

SKU: 32-284-A1560007
Underneath the Abus U-Grips squishy rubber exterior is a flexible 8mm cable that is roughly 25 inches long. The cable is not impervious to thieves heavy duty weaponry should they be brazen enough to use it, but it is more than enough lock to give you confidence that you bike will be right where you left it in friendlier parts of town. Overall, Abus' U-Grip cable is versatile, strong, and won't damage your paint job thanks to its gummy 'soft-touch' covering.

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  • 8 mm strong steel cable
  • ABUS quality cylinder
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock
  • Color: white
  • 65 mm long
  • Weight: 320

New (packaging may be damaged)

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SKU 32-284-A1560007
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