Abus uGrip 585 75cm Chain Bike Lock Black

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Retail: $39.99 Save 43%




The ABUS 585 uGrip chain lock is a great lock for low risk security. While you don't get Fort Knox level security with the 585's 5mm thick chain, it certainly will keep honest folks passing by your bike honest. With a nearly 30 inch chain, you can wrap up a couple of bikes or your frame and a wheel. Wear as an MC Hammer-esque medallion around your neck for the short trip to the store, stash in your backpack, or wrap your frame up like a boa constrictor. Its flexibility lets you get your creative for its transport. Plus, it is easy on your bike's paint job.

  • 5mm square chain for strength
  • 75cm long
  • ABUS quality lock cylinder
  • Includes two keys
  • Color: black

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SKU 32-338-A1585011
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