Abus uGrip Chain 585 Bike Lock 75 x 5mm

SKU: CFG-32-NE-A1585012-5
The Abus uGrip Chain 585 chain is good for anyone that owns a bike. Or who just likes to lock things up - why not? Lock-chain combinations offer flexibility and convenience, giving you more options than one when locking up your bike.

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  • Chain and case are made of special hardened steel
  • Innovative synthetic coating has "soft touch" which prevents damage to bike's paintwork
  • Includes two keys
  • Bike Type: urban
  • Weight: 580 g

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SKU CFG-32-NE-A1585012-5
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan

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