SVST Alpine Tuning Kit

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Keep your skis in 'first day out' condition with Sun Valley Ski Tools Alpine Tuning Kit. Sun Valley is home to some of the longest steepest groomers in the country, so naturally the folks at Sun Valley Ski Tools know how to keep a ski in top form. This kit includes everything you need to keep your bases and edges in tip top form except the iron. Repair minor scratches with included P-Tex, tune edges, scrape, buff, and finish a hand wax job and hit the slopes. Just remember to pump the brakes once-in-a-while and look out for ski patrol because you are going to be going faster than you think!

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  • Includes:

  • 1 Double Duty Side Edger w/ File & Polishing Stone
  • 2 Brake Retainers
  • 1 Steel Scraper
  • 2 P-Tex Candles (Clr/Blk)
  • 1 Bar Universal Wax
  • 1 Mini File Brush
  • 1 Tuff-Tex Base Pad
  • 1 Acrylic Wax Scraper
  • 1 Cordura Bag
  • 1 De-burring Cloth

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SKU 568824
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