Armada 2012 TST Skis

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The Armada TST makes skiing powder more fun for everyone, whether you're a pro rider or you're buying your first pair of phat skis, you'll have a blast slashing pow turns on these babies. These skis are super rockered, the 'middle' (the portion underfoot) is traditional camber and the tips have rocker. What this means, practically, is that these skis are going to have amazing float and allow you to keep your speed and stability in soft snow conditions. When you do get to the groomed run-out at the end of your powder line, the ski will still be nimble because only half of the skis edge will actually be touching the hardpack. We both know you will get a TST for the deep stuff, but when you're on groomers the TST even is easy to wield.
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SKU 31524