Atomic B-52 Snowboard Bindings

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Generic Snowboard Binding Sizing
Size Men (US) Women (US) Junior (US)
XS - - to size adult 6
XS/S - - to size adult 6
S 4-8 5-8 to size adult 6
S/M 6-10 5-8 -
M 6-10 7-11 -
M/L 9-13 7-11 -
L 10-13 8+ -
L/XL 10-13 - -
XL 10+ - -


Gender Boy's, Girl's



A simple and comfortable junior binding choice, Atomic's B52 binding is as durable as the famed bomber and significantly cheaper. This binding has an adjustable heelcup that can move from between three size settings, this is great because your child can grow with this durable binding, in skills and in literal foot size.

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25% Fiberglass Highback/Baseplate: The least rigid of Atomic's snowboard bindings, this is a lightweight and easy to use choice for junior or very lightweight riders. Infusing the molded plastic with fiberglass adds strength without adding weight, so even though these are the lightest and most flexy of Atomic's bindings, they are still high quality and durable.

Plastic ratchets: Lightweight and pretty strong, these are usually found on the price point bindings and for beginner/junior riders.

Adjustable heel cup: The position of the heel cup can be adjusted by loosening or removing the two screws on both sides of the baseplate. Sliding the cup forward will help with the fit of boots on the small size of the range, and sliding it back will fit the larger boots. It also helps position the weight of the rider over the heel edge of the board to get better control when sliding and in heelside turns.

4 Hole Disc: This binding has the standard 4 hole pattern to fit any snowboard, except Burton.

EVA Ankle strap: EVA foam on the ankle strap that conforms to the shape of the boot in this critical area.

EVA Toe strap: EVA foam covers the toe strap of this binding to allow molding to the boot, and to add cushion.


Gender Boy's, Girl's
Model Year 2012
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
SKU 21072
Country of Manufacturer Austria
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty
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