Atomic Live Fit 70 Women's Ski Boots 2017


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Gender Women's
Ability Level Beginner/Intermediate



Although the Atomic LF 70 W is the second entry in the women's Live Fit boot lineup, it isn't solely a beginner's boot, intermediates will love it too. The T2 Asymmetrical Comfort liner is plush and warm, and will mold to the skier's foot for a custom fit. This boot also features the 2-megabuckle style (as opposed to the traditional 4 buckle setup), which makes the boots lighter and easier to buckle up. This feature should help nullify pressure points because there are only 2 points of pressure and they are spread out over a wider surface area. These boots look great, fit great, and will perform all over the mountain, greatly.

This boot has a flex rating of 70, which is best suited for beginner to intermediate skiers. Softer boots will be more comfortable, but won't offer enough stability at higher speeds. Stiffer than 70 will give that stability, but start to get a little less comfortable.

102-106mm Last: This shell width of this boot is automatically adjustable (thanks to the Live Fit System), and is perfect for recreational skiers, those with average to wide feet, and skiers that like comfort for their feet. That probably makes up 95 percent of the skiing population.

Live Fit: The Live Fit system consists of two elastic zones at the forefoot that instantly adapt to the foot width of the skier. The shell adapts between 102 and 106mm, providing a custom type fit without the hassle of heat molding and expensive shell modifications. Basically, this feature makes these boots fit almost any skier.

Mega Buckles: Instead of the standard 4 buckle system (or sometimes 3), this boot has two oversized buckles that get the same pulling power and fit, with less stuff to worry about. One buckle over the top of the foot- done, one buckle above the ankle- done... Time to start skiing.

Tongue Pull: A loop of fabric at the top of the tongue helps in putting on and removing the boots. Pull it forward and to the side and your foot should slide right in.

35mm strap: Wider than average strap at the top of the boot to help keep the boot together and to give good performance while skiing.

Micro-adjustable aluminum buckles: These aluminum buckles can be moved to adjust for size, so if the default position of the buckle and the teeth is too wide or too narrow, you can move it until it fits.


Ability Level Beginner/Intermediate
Gender Women's
Model Year 2017
Forefoot Width 102-106mm
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada
Bindings Boot Compatible Adult
Flex 70
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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