Atomic Snowboards

atomic snowboards

How do we know? Well for starters, these snowboards are absolutely loaded with technology. This means that a lot of thought went into these boards, and chances are, there’s a board that’s exactly right for you. Right now though, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed, so let’s break it down.

Essentially, there are five categories for Atomic Snowboards. They are: Freeride, All Terrain, Freestyle, Women’s, and the PIQ series. These categories streamline your selection, as each category is meant to accompany a specific riding style. Let’s get started with Atomic Snowboards Freeride category.

Atomic Snowboards: Freeride

atomic snowboards

Just like with powder skis, Atomic’s Freeride Snowboards have a few characteristics that make them perform extra well in the deep snow. For instance, boards from this genre usually feature Atomic’ Pop Rocker FR (Freeride). This type of rocker features more rise in the tip and tail than any of Atomic’s other rocker profiles. By increasing the amount of rocker on the snowboards, the ability of the board to float on top of the powder, rather than dive right in, increases dramatically

Beyond the large amount of rocker, Atomic Freeride snowboards have a few additional traits that separate them from other types of snowboards. The core for instance, is typically built stronger, and lighter than your average board. This is because backcountry riding demands a lot from a snowboard, and your average core just wouldn’t hold up. Additionally, the boards are usually quite a bit stiffer as high speeds and quick reactions are to be expected when riding powder. Atomic Freeride snowboards also feature some of the strongest bases, which provide better glide over snow and superior durability. Finally, one of the last (major) differences, is that the edges on freeride boards are only beveled 1 degree, providing the best edge to edge control. Put simply, freeride boards are typically advanced level snowboards that are great at what they do, but would be far too much for a beginner to handle.

Atomic Snowboards: All Terrain

Atomic’s All Terrain Snowboard series features a grip of snowboards that were made to be the go anywhere, do anything, kinds of snowboards. Because there are so many different types of riders, it’s hard to make a board that works well for everyone. As a result, we’ve got 6 different models that offer different features, allowing you to find the perfect all terrain board for your style of riding. Each of these models has a different combination of rocker, flex, base material, edge bevel, and other technologies. In order to get an idea of which board is best for you, we recommend checking out our Atomic All Terrain Snowboard Learn Center.

Atomic Snowboards: Freestyle

If park riding is your thing, then you’re definitely going to want to check out our selection of Atomic Freestyle snowboards. These boards are drastically different in order to cater to all types of terrain park riders. While the technical aspects are different between these boards, they are both the same in that they have equal tip and tail heights, as well as a neutral stance to enable switch riding.

Atomic Snowboards: Female Boards

Technically speaking, a female could ride any men’s snowboard. Chances are though, it would be much less enjoyable as men’s snowboards are typically longer, stiffer, and generally less suited for a female rider. Of course this isn’t always the case (take the Polarity for instance), but it’s true enough that it gave Atomic a reason to make an entire line of female snowboards, that are more fun to ride, and prettier to look at.

Atomic Snowboards: PIQ Series

atomic snowboards

Finally, for all of the people out there who are just looking to get started with snowboarding, we have Atomic PIQ snowboards. These boards were originally destined for life as rental boards, but we swooped in and saved them just in time. I know this might seem hypocritical, but by nature, rental boards really aren’t bad. They’re all made to be very durable, and with a beginner in mind. They actually only “go bad” when they’re used eight hours a day, seven days a week, for multiple seasons. By then, the board is worn out, and provides a terrible riding experience. So if you’re looking for an awesome board that was destined to be a rental board, check out the Atomic PIQ boards!

And there it is. A (brief) overview of the different types of snowboards from Atomic that we currently have in. Now that you have an idea of what categories are available, you can really dig in and find your perfect board! We recommend going to the Learn Center page for whichever style of riding you prefer. To make it easy, we put links right at the bottom of this page! Enjoy!