Atomic Tracker/STH2 Brake Arms

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The Atomic Tracker, Salomon Guardian and all STH2 bindings take the same brake which is great because simple is always better. So if you had your Trackers on a 100mm Access last season but this year you upgraded to 125mm Bentchetlers, we got you covered. These brakes are easy to interchange which is always a plus.

Self Retracting Brakes: These binding brakes retract width-wise towards your boot to help eliminate hang-ups and drag when especially when landing switch in powder and soft snow.

Salomon/Atomic Compatible: These brakes will work on all 4 styles of WTR bindings: Salomon Guardian, Atomic Tracker, Salomon/Atomic STH2. This keeps replacing and changing brakes much easier than usual.

Brake Arm Guidlines: Brake arms should always fit a ski with waist width equal to or less than the listed width of the arms. However, they usually will fit on skis 5mm wider with little difficulty (because the width at arms clearing the ski is usually wider than listed) and up to 10mm wider with slight brake arm stretching.

Sometimes overlooked is that you do not want your brake arm width to be substantially wider than the width of the ski if you are an expert carver. In this case brakes sticking out can cause contact issues with the snow.


Gender Men's
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SKU 27445
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