Avenir Escape Pod 55c.i. Weather proof Bike Saddle Bag

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First order of business for getting ready for a ride of any significant length is to pack up your saddle bag with the essentials. You are not going to get very far with a flat tire should you have misfortune of getting one. But, with your handy-dandy waterproof saddlebag equipped with a patch kit, tire levers and the like you will be rolling again before you know it. The Avenir Escape Pod is a great little, easy-access saddle bag that will protect your multi-tools and patch kits from water.

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Retail: $20.00 Save 75%



  • Bag securely affixes to bike while alloying uninhibited access to contents
  • Fits virtually all round-tube saddle rails
  • Semi-rigid design
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Reflective light-attachment clip
  • 55 cubic inches

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SKU RAL6/9-69-27-302
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