Bern Watts EPS Helmet w/Black Brim

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The Watts is essentially the next generation of the Baker, the only difference is that they added some more vents to make the helmet breathe better thus making it more versatile for all temps. This helmet is made with durable and EPS Hard foam which meets all safety standards for action sports, it's certified safe! Our favorite aspect of Bern helmets is that you can easily convert them to a summer helmet by switching out the liner for summer pads!

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Zip Mold & EPS shell
Fit Size Centimeters (cm)
XS-S 50-53.5
S-M 52-55
M-L 53.5-57
L-XL 55-58.5
XL-XXL 57-60
Hard Hat
XS 50-51.5
S 52-53.5
M 53.5-55
L 55-57
XL 57-58.5
XXL 58.5-60




EPS Hard Foam: Expanded Polystyreme (EPS) is a hard foam interior designed for high impact collisions. Slightly heavier than other types of foam, but this is as safe as your noggin is going to be (even if you wear a motorcycle helmet--but that will be a LOT heavier ;) )

ABS Plastic Shell: ABS, short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a lightweight, injection molded plastic that is highly durable and impact resistant.

Bern Sticker(s) Included: You could use the Bern sticker on your Bern helmet, which would be redundant, but most people will use this sticker to sticker up your skis or board. Or car, or street signs (Level9 does not support vandalization, though, you hooligans).

The Original(tm) Visor: The first of its kind, the visor look became the most popular style of Bern freeride helmets, and has been imitated umpteen times by other helmet makers.

Bern Helmet Construction: Most Bern helmets are Available as a Hard Hat with a burly ABS shell with multiple-impact soft Brock® foam or as a helmet with ABS shell and EPS hard foam. EPS hard foam meets ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077B standard for snow and ski, CPSC and EN 1078 standard for bike and skate. Hard Hats with Brock soft foam do not meet the standards for action sport head protection but still will get the job done of protecting your noggin.

Bern Sizing Runs Small: When browsing helmets keep in mind that Bern helmet sizes run on the smaller side. This is due to the more rounded shape of Bern's Design. Please think about sizing up if you are in the middle to end of the size range. If you have any questions contact CS to explain or help further.

Pick your Size: The size of audio knit liners come in Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. The liner of size S/M will fit both Smalls and Mediums, just as the L/XL will fit both Larges and Extra Larges.

Interchangeable Liner: This helmet was made to accept multiple Bern liners, such as the 8 Tracks audio liner. Just snap out the existing liner and snap in the Bern liner of your choice.

Safety Standards: ASTM F-2040-00: Meets the standard specifications of protective headgear for snowsports

Beanie Convertible: A layer of padding is easily removed that is the thickness of the average beanie, which prevents a change in fit of the helmet. Even after removed, thin padding remains to still get the benefit of the helmet's padding.

CPSC Safety Standard: CPSC is the newest American safety standard for bicycling and skating, this helmet meets this new standard.

Passive vent: A permanently open vent allows for continual air circulation to prevent overheating. Don't worry, snow won't get in because of the lining on the inside of the helmet keeps the elements out.

Goggle clip: Two lateral guides that keep the goggles in place, and doesn't interfere with the goggle adjustment clips.

Included Knit Liner: This model of Bern Helmet comes standard with a warm knit liner.

Removable/Washable Lining: The lining of this helmet can be removed if wearing a beanie and also to get it washed.

Bern Helmets: Looking for more information about this, and other Bern Helmets? Check out our Learn Center Page!

Additional Info

Gender Men's
Model Year 2013
Helmet Construction EPS
Helmet Venting Fixed
Adjustable Sizing Yes
Audio Compatible Yes
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
SKU 26901
Country of Manufacturer China
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

Product Questions

Product Questions

I have a 60 cm sized head. Should I get the L/XL (57-60.5) or the XL/XXL (59-62)?
Hello, I have a question on sizing. My wife and I both want to get the Watts helmet and use it for biking in the summer, and skiing/snowboarding in the winter. My head measures 22.25" and my wires is 21.75. I'm a little confused as to what size to get due to the different size charts for winter and summer. †Also, in looking at various online retailers, some show sizing as S/M and other have both Small and Medium as 2 separate options. Could you please advise me on what sizes we should get?
I have a57cm head. What size do you between med/large and large/xl??? Also is the watts better than the baker??? Thanks
My head measures 59 CM so it seems like the xl/xxl would fit best but I only want to use this as a summer helmet. Without the thicker lining will it be too big? Should I get the L/XL. I want the matte green helmet but it looks like it isn't available in all sizes. Do I have to buy a summer liner separate?
The lining on this baker watts looks different from the original displayed in the bern website. Is it just a mis-perception or is this correct. The one shown in the bern website has a gray lining and looks more comfortable If different, what is the difference?


Great HelmetReview by John
Pros: Warm, Comfortable, Effective
Cons: Too large without winter liner attached.
Location: Toronto
Great helmet. Looks nice, not too big on your head and fits comfortably. Works well with my Oakley goggles. No fogging. Only problem I have is if I remove the winter liner the helmet is too large for my head. Not really a problem as I intend to use it only in the winter. (Posted on 3/21/2015)
Everyone wears helmets these days, you should too!Review by Michael
Pros: Looks nice, fits nice, keeps my brain safe
Cons: Maybe runs a bit small with the thick winter lining
From the picture, I was a little worried this would look too much like a terrain park helmet. In reality, it is quite sleek and conservative (especially in glossy black). The visor adds a nice touch and the vents allow some sweat to evaporate. When I measured my head, I was around 58cm, which should be ideal for the L/XL. However, it fits like a glove at the loosest setting. This worked out for me, but if you are at the highest end of the head circumference range, it might be worth trying out two sizes. If I had to guess, this helmet would probably fit more true to size with a summer lining. (Posted on 11/4/2014)
Don't leave home without itReview by Brett L9 customer service employee
Pros: not a scratch on me
Cons: none
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
It works well with my Smith I/OX's when I'm skiing and I just used it on a mountain bike ride yesterday. (Posted on 7/23/2014)
good helmetReview by raff
Pros: well made and comfortable
I bought two of these helmets for my kids. They seemed like a good helmet, no complaints of discomfort at all. Seem well made. Conditioned ranged from plus 8c to -7 and all seemed good. I would note that because there is a built in visor this can interfere a little with the googles when you lift them off your face and onto the helmet, but not a big deal. (Posted on 3/28/2014)

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