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Fat Bike Pogies, Straps, Hooks & Gear
Fat bikes have become enormously popular in recent years. Resembling a mountain bike on steroids, a fat bike has big, wide tires.

Those big fat tires can take you where no man — and no woman — has gone before. You will see these bikes cruising on sand on beaches and in deserts, on dirt trails deep in the woods or up in the mountains and even on snow. Fat bikes are the Jeeps of the bicycle world.

Fat Selection at Skinny Prices
If you are looking for quality fat bike gear at a nice price, you have come to the right place. Here at L9 Sports, we stock a big selection of primo fat bike gear and accessories.

Whether you use your fat bike for racing, exploring mountain trails, camping, beach cruising or any other activity, our gear will help you get more out of every outing. Thanks to our low-price guarantee, money won’t be a deterrent to getting what you need to have more fun with your friends and family. Now you can enjoy the best without breaking the bank. In a word, our fat bike gear is phat.

Cool Gear for Fat Bikes
Because fat bikes can ride through snow and other challenging conditions, we offer lots of accessories you can use to make your fat bike more cold-friendly. Our fat bike cold-weather gear includes must-have items like cycling pogies.

Because they jut out in front of you, your hands are the first thing to get cold in frigid weather, no matter what type of bike you ride. Our fat bike pogies encase your hands in warm insulation material on each side of your handlebars along with your brake levers and shifters. That means you can control your bike without exposing your hands to the Arctic chill.

We also have water bottle insulators to keep your water from turning into ice during freezing-weather rides. In addition, we carry straps to carry extra gear on your fat bike as well as hooks for storing your fat friend safely and securely out of the way when you get home.

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