Cycling Caps, Hats, Beanies, Headbands & Headwear
If you love biking, whether for competition, healthy exercise or just for fun, you’ll want to ride your bike as much as possible. With the right apparel, you don’t have to be at the mercy of the weather. Whether you want to extend your riding regimen into cooler times of the year or are looking to make your bike riding more comfortable even on hot, sultry days, the bike hats, beanies and headwear available at L9 Sports will open up new biking vistas for you.

Our cycling hat and cycling cap collection includes choices to suit your style and the season. You’ll see bike headwear designed for men and women here as well as unisex designs.

Cool Lids for Cool Weather
For those who love shredding the trails, a mountain bike beanie will keep you warm and comfortable in chilly fall, spring and winter weather. We also carry plenty of bicycling headwear ideal for road bikers who want to keep pedaling in cooler weather. All of these bicycle hats are designed to fit snugly under your bike helmet, so you can pedal safely as well as comfortably.

In addition, a good jacket for biking should fit snugly so it creates as little wind resistance as possible. For mountain bikers, a snug-fitting jacket will also decrease the chances of hanging up on snags, briers and other obstructions along the trail. A lightweight mountain bike jacket with the right fit will provide you the weather protection you need without weighing down your performance.

Warm-Weather Wear
When the weather warms, perspiration can become a problem. That’s the time to consider using thinner bike skullcaps or headbands. These will keep annoying perspiration droplets from dripping down your face into your eyes and on to your nose. A hat or headband can help wick away sweat so you can stay cooler and more comfortable in hot-weather biking.

In addition to bike beanies, skullcaps and headbands, we carry bike caps. The visors on these caps give you a little more protection against sun, rain and the elements.

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