Bicycle Pads and Protection – Knee Pads and More
Riding a bike should be fun. But as most of us learn, often dating back to our first experience with training wheels or even trikes, accidents are more or less inevitable.

Road bikers and commuters can lose their balance over railroad tracks, street grates, big cracks in the pavement and a host of other hazards. Mountain bikers can get chewed up by roots, rocks and other obstacles. Playing games like bike polo can lead to inevitable collisions, and BMX racing is full of spills as well as thrills.

Safety First
Whatever kind of bike you ride and however you use it, it pays to be prepared. That’s why L9 Sports carries a big inventory of premium bicycle pads and protection. Nothing substitutes for situational awareness and careful riding, of course. But these products can help you avoid pain and perhaps even a trip to the emergency room.

Protecting Your Elbows and Knees
Elbow and knee pads for bike riding offer some affordable protection against mishaps. Whether you are racing or just shredding some trails for fun, elbow pads and knee pads for bikers are a smart addition to your biking outfit. Our mountain-bike knee pads and elbow pads will help protect your joints from spills and falls and also give you some protection if you brush against briars and branches.

No Pain in the Butt
All bike riders will benefit from padded bike shorts. If you put a lot of miles on your bike or are at all serious about biking, a pair of these shorts will make your biking time more comfortable.

They can also protect you against saddle sores, possible infections and a trip to the doctor, which can be costly as well as embarrassing. When you shop with us, you can choose from a big selection of men’s padded bike shorts. Women’s shorts are also available to fit the female form.

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