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Think mountain bike grips, BMX bike grips and road bike grips are simple and straightforward? Think again! Although these deceivingly simple additions to your bike are often overlooked, choosing the wrong bike grips and tape on your bike can make for an uncomfortable — and even painful — ride. Mountain bike handlebar grips, BMX bike grips and road bike grips provide a non-slip surface for your handlebars. They also create a comfortable place to hold for better control of your bike. Lastly, bike grips protect bar ends. Bike grips can be foam, leather or cork — most often, however, they’re made from rubber or rubber-like materials.

Mountain Bike Grips, BMX Bike Grips and Bike Grip Tape
Whether you’re looking to replace worn out bike grips, you’re looking for the best mountain bike grips when building your bike or you’re trying to find a more comfortable alternative to your current bike grip situation, L9 Sports has a great selection of bike grips and bike grip tape for sale. Shop here for a wide range of bike grip tape brands, surface types and kinds. We also carry a great selection of BMX bike grips, mountain bike handlebar grips and performance grips in premier brands like Fizik, Lizard Skins, Oury Grips, SDG Components, Serfas, SRAM and Zipp.

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