Cycling Pedals and Cleats – Road and Mountain Bike Pedals
Putting the pedal to the metal takes on a new meaning when you’re riding a bike. Often overlooked, bike pedals are a crucial component for two-wheelers, especially if you are serious about speed and power.

After all, these are the parts that make the initial transfer of energy from your legs and body to the machine’s drive train. Additionally, they help keep you balanced on your bike by giving you additional points of contact beyond the saddle and handlebars.

The Right Bike at the Right Price
At L9 Sports, we are here to help. Our collection of quality mountain bikes for sale means you can find the right bike to suit your skills, style and budget. Whether you are looking for a men’s mountain bike or a woman’s mountain bike, you’ll find plenty of sizes and styles here.

Our women’s mountain-bike selection means ladies can find mountain bikes built for their bodies. We also have kid-sized bikes so your kids can get in on the fun. Choose from top brands including Cannondale, Rossignol and Kona mountain bikes.

Powerful Pedals
At L9 Sports, we carry a big selection of top-quality bicycle pedals, cleats and accessories. Whether you are looking for road-bike pedals and cleats, mountain-bike pedals or other kinds of cycling pedals and cleats, you will find what you need here to suit your bike, your riding style and your budget.

For racers, we have pedals specifically designed for their light weight. If speed is less of a concern than reliability, we carry models built with durability in mind. Choose from pedal material including alloy, nylon and super-lightweight carbon.

Bicycle Platform Pedals
If you use your bike casually for riding around town or on your cruiser, we carry a variety of traditional platform pedals. These are also ideal for beginners, kids and anyone else who wants to be able to plant their feet firmly on their ground should they need to come to a stop.

Clipless Pedals
Advanced cyclists will want to check out our clipless platform pedals. These give you additional power by letting you transfer energy to your bike on the upstroke as well as the downstroke.

You’ll also find accessories here like pedal tread contact sleeves, too. These can give you better traction and put more power into every stroke.

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