Essential Bike-Cleaning Tools – Sprayers, Brushes and More
If you care about your bike, keeping it clean is crucial. Not only will cleaning your bike keep it looking good. It will also help it operate reliably and last longer. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your bike will also help it retain its value.
A few minutes of time invested in cleaning your bicycle with the right products can pay big returns. That’s why L9 Sports offers you a selection of the best bike-cleaning tools, including supplies, sprayers and brushes.

Keeping your bike clean is especially important if you take it through the mud and elements while mountain biking or participating in BMX races and other grueling competitions.

Chain Cleaners
One part of your bike that gets lots of wear and tear is your bike chain. That’s why we carry a bike-chain cleaner and degreaser from Park Tool. Made of natural ingredients, this cleaner is also great for other bike components. It will help your chain and other components last longer and perform better.

Bike Brushes
A bike chain cleaning tool ranks among the essential bike-cleaning tools. We carry brushes that make it easy to clean your bicycle chain and other components, including sprockets, gears and pedals.

Regular brushing is good for your bike’s health. It will prevent premature wear and tear, ensure proper performance of the drivetrain and brakes, and help prevent problems like chain skipping.

For those really big cleaning jobs, we have Finish Line Sprayers. Simply attach one to a gallon jug of the company’s cleaner, degreaser or polish and get ’er done.

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