Black Diamond Avalung Element

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Avalanches are scary. The Avalung from Black Diamond doesn't make them any less so, but it does give you a fighting chance of living to ride another day if you are ever caught in one. The idea is that the Avalung's breathing exhaust port is directs exhaled CO2 away from your face, so that air in the snow remains breathable for up to four times longer in the event that you are buried. Don't go out looking for a fight with a mountain. Maintain a karate kidesque mantra for avalanche safety and avoidance, but give yourself a leg up with the Avalung for your next trip into the backcountry.

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Retail: $99.95 Save 25%



  • Allows an avalanche victim to breathe fresh air directly from the snowpack
  • Diverts CO2 away from fresh-air intake
  • Ultra-lightweight—only 265 g (9.3 oz), S/M
  • Only compatible with AvaLung-ready packs (Dawn Patrol and Cirque Series)
  • Bi-valve intake box pulls air from the surrounding snowpack
  • Mouthpiece delivers fresh air from valve box and expels CO2 out exhaust port
  • Fully removable from pack without tools for versatile four-season use

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SKU 567616
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