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Alpina Logo

Rear Entry Advantages

That's right, we still sell rear entry style boots. The tried and true design is still around and is in fact, one of our most popular products! If you struggle to get your boots on or have had surgery on your ankle or foot that doesn't allow you to flex your foot, the R4 rear entry boots are the solution you have been looking for. These boots are lightweight with a forgiving flex as well which is absolutely perfect for skiers who just want to cruise. Comfort and easy entry are the selling points here, if you are in any way aggressive or like to ski fast, this boot may not be the right option.

Alpina R4 Video

We got some true honest to goodness rear-entry boots from Alpina. The masses still ask for rear-entry boots, so Level Nine obliges. And there are good reasons why people still ask for rear entry boots, namely the fact that they open so large that you can slip these on easier than a pair of Vans.

As far as skiing performance goes, this is a recreational cruiser boot. Anyone from a complete beginner to a pretty good skier who prefers to take it easy can find a happy home in this boot.

R4 Boot Features

  • 105mm Last Width
  • 40 Flex
  • Ratchet Strap Buckle
  • Rear Entry Design
  • High Thermal Toe
  • Replaceable Toe and Heel Pads
Roces Hero

Alpina Ski Boots

Alpina was founded in 1948 in Slovenia so they have been manufacturing boots for decades. They know a thing or two about building a quality pair of boots. The Heat series boots are relatively new to the line and have heat that's built-in to the liner of the boots. Gone are the days of cold toes, grab a pair of Alpina Heat 80 or Ruby 65 and you'll be as toasty as ever when the temps drop.

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  • Alpina R4 Rear Entry Ski Boots


    Retail: $195.00 Save 23%
  • Alpina Elite 80 Heated Ski Boots


    Retail: $400.00 Save 39%

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