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Roces Logo

Adjustable Size

Roces IDEA is the first ski boot that can grow with your child's foot. The '6 (sizes) in1' technology, it is possible to adjust the size of the ski boot to accommodate the natural growth of the kids' foot. There are two main advantages to getting Roces boots for your junior skier.

  • 1. The first is that you don't have to constantly buy new boots each season to get a great fit.
  • 2. The second is that since you are not getting new boots that are larger, you don't need to remount bindings as your child's foot grows, since the sole length of the boot remains the same as you adjust the fit.

At L9, we stand behind the Roces Adjustable Idea ski boots and recommend them for junior skiers of all ages!

Roces 6-in-1 Adjustable Junior Boots

L9 has the world's largest selection of Roces Boots! In fact, the IDEA 6-in-1 junior adjustable ski boots are one of our most popular products. We've stocked these Roces 6-in-1 boots for many seasons now, and we love them, and more importantly, our customers love them.

If you have kids with growing feet, or multiple kids that may need to swap boots, there is absolutely no better ski boot. Don't believe us? Check out the reviews tab, they are literally 100% 5 star ratings from real customers. Of course, if you find a lower price (before or after purchase) on a new pair of Roces boots we'll match the price for you.

Boot Features

  • Micro Adjustable Buckles
  • ALU/PC Buckle Material
  • 6 in 1 Length Adjustable
  • Width Growth Compensator
  • LBS Self Fitting Liner
  • Slow recovery memory foam
  • Self positioning liner tongue
  • Self settling shell wrap
  • PP Shell material

6-in-1 Adjustment System

The “6 in 1” system is unbelievably easy to use: to select the right length you just need to rotate the lever placed on the lower part of the boot (close to the heel) to the chosen size.

  • 1. Open the buckles of your boot
  • 2. Rotate the lever to reach the desired size
  • 3. Close the lever to the proper peg
  • 4. Go Skiing!

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  • Roces Idea Up Adjustable Kids Ski Boots 2019


    Retail: $139.00 Save 29%
  • Roces Idea Free Adjustable Kids Ski Boots 2019


    Retail: $139.00 Save 29%
  • Roces Idea Ski Boot Heel & Toe Pad Kit


    Retail: $30.00 Save 17%
  • Roces Compy 5 Boy's Adjustable Inline Skates


    Retail: $90.00 Save 37%

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