Crank Brothers CO2 Inflator + 2 Cartridges (16g Threaded) *ORMD*

SKU: 32-NK-K1500400
Time is money as the saying goes. No where is that more apparent than during your hard earned time in the saddle. You don't have precious minutes to burn toiling away with a hand pump squatted down next to your bike. Seems like flats always happen at the worst time and place, so ease the sting with instant PSI at your fingertips. Always make sure your tires are fresh with the Crank Brothers Sterling Co2 Inflator. This gem comes equipped with two 16g threaded Co2 cartridges, that can bust some air back into your 120 PSI road tires or your 30 PSI fat bikes tires before the boys can say 'c'mon hurry up!' These can only be shipped via ground shipping since this product contains compressed air.

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  • Features frost guard and push spring air control on inflator
  • Weight: 45 g (inflator), 126 g (Co2 cartridges)

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SKU 32-NK-K1500400
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