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The Dakine Super Tune is an all-in-one Kit that includes everything you need to keep the base and edges of your skis or board in tip-top condition, all season long. First off, everything comes in a large multi-pocket case with designated slots for each tool so you can easily transport the kit and know where everything is inside. There is also an adjustable temperature iron for waxing, with a bar of all temp wax, two candles of PTex, a metal scraper, a plastic scraper and a buffer pad. For your edges, there is a hand edge tuning tool, a 10 inch file, a wire file cleaning brush and a gummy stone. Dakine even includes tuning tips if you get stumped on how to do something, but be sure to check Youtube as well for more detailed instructions.

Large Multi Pocket Case With Zipper: This Tuning kit comes with a multi pocket case with slots for each tool to help keep everything organized and easy to pack up and take with you on a trip.

Adjustable Temperature Tuning Iron: This kit comes equipped with a Tuning Iron with an adjustable temperature for waxing your skis and boards. Why pay a premium for a shop to wax your skis when you can do it at home!

Edge Tuning Tool: This kit comes with a hand held edge tuning tool so you can quickly and easily sharpen those edges so you don't slip out on the inevitable ice patch you'll hit at the end of your ski day.

Wire File Cleaning Brush: There is a wire brush included that can be used to clean off your file after your done sharpening your edges to keep the file good as new!

Metal Scraper: There is a metal scraper included for when you have to fill a hole in your base with P-Tex and you want to scrape off the excess but the plastic scraper won't suffice.

10 Inch Wax Scraper: There is a 10 Inch long wax scraper included that's wide enough to easily scrape off the excess wax from your board or skis no problem.

Pocket Stone Included: A pocket gummy stone is included with this kit that is intended as a spot edge tuner to remove burrs and imperfections on your edges.

2 PTex Candles Included: Let's face it you're gonna hit some rocks when your out skiing, why not be able to fix those holes in your base at home? There are 2 Ptex candles included in this kit and a metal scraper so you can do your own base repairs. If its really deep though, we reccomend getting a second opinion at your local shop.

Octane All Temp Wax Bar Included: There is a bar of All Temperature Dakine wax included in this kit which will last you a handful of waxes, that is is you don't use too much each time!

Scuff Pad: This pad is intended to buff up your bases after you've waxed and scraped. It will polish up your base, removing excess wax so you'll be cruising fast right out of the gate.


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