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Here we have the Black and Neon Green Machine, otherwise known as the Prime 65. This very comfortable and forgiving 65 flex boot is intended for the beginner to intermediate set. The Prime 65 has a last of 105mm, which is wider than average and the two middle buckles are micro-adjustable, so the skier can dial in their fit for maximum comfort. This might be one of the best looking beginner to intermediate boots we've listed, you really can't go wrong with matte black and and neon green. Looks can sometimes be deceiving, but not with Dalbello. Their attention to detail in the design, fit and performance of their boots is unmatched.

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Ski Boot Sizing
US SIZE USA Junior/Youth USA Women AU Women USA Men AU Men Boot Sole Length mm
14.0/14.5 7 - - - - 195
15.0/15.5 8 - - - - 195
16.0/16.5 9 - - - - 210
17.0/17.5 10-11 - - - - 220
18.0/18.5 12/12.5 - - - - 230
19.0/19.5 13 - - - - 240
20.0/20.5 13.5/1 - - - - 250
21.0/21.5 2-3 - - - - 255
22.0/22.5 4/4.5 5/5.5 5/5.5 - - 265
23.0/23.5 5/5.5 6/6.5 6/6.5 - - 275
24.0/24.5 6/6.5 7/7.5 7/7.5 - - 285
25.0/25.5 7/7.5 8/8.5 8/8.5 7/7.5 6/6.5 295
26.0/26.5 - 9/9.5 9/9.5 8/8.5 7/7.5 305
27.0/27.5 - 10/10.5 10/10.5 9/9.5 8/8.5 315
28.0/28.5 - 11/11.5 11/11.5 10.0/10.5 9/9.5 325
29.0/29.5 - 12 11/11.5 11.0/11.5 10/10.5 335
30.0/30.5 - - - 12.0/12.5 11/11.5 345
31.0/31.5 - - - 13.0/13.5 12.0/12.5 355
32.0/32.5 - - - 14.0/14.5 13.0/13.5 365

This chart provides a safe comfortable size that most all skiers will be able to use. If you are looking for a true skier's performance fit you may want to size down one half to one full size smaller. For most ski boots, the full (.0) size uses the same shell and liner as the half (.5) size (like, 25.0 and 25.5) and will have almost an identical fit.


Retail: $300.00 Save 57%



Supercomfort Liner: Dalbello's Supercomfort liner is super comfortable. It is fairly basic, but thats fine since you will find it in more entry level boots. And also it is super comfortable, did we mention that?

65 Flex Index: This boot has a flex index of 65, which is best for beginner to intermediate skiers. A boot of this flex will be more comfortable and generally lighterweight than a stiffer boot, but will be less responsive while skiing at high speeds.

Dalbello Boots: Interested in learning more about this boot, as well as other Dalbello boots? Well, you can, over at our Learn Center Page!

Bi component shell: Two different densities of plastic used to keep the boot stiff and able to perform at high speeds, yet softer in specific areas to make them easier to put on and take off.

4 Plastic Buckles w/ Micro Adjustment on 2: These buckles are plastic to keep them lightweight, but unlike most plastic buckles the middle two buckles do have micro-adjustment capability so you can clamp down the boot at the perfectly comfortable position.

Mondo Half and Whole Sizes: There is no fit difference between half and whole mondo sizes. So, a man who wears a size 9 or 9.5 US shoe size can choose a size 27.0 or 27.5. Some of our boots are only available in the half size, don't be alarmed, just remember they are the same size so you can select either one worry free.

This boot has a 105mm width in the forefoot area, and is one of the widest available for ski boots. This width gives wide-footed skiers a chance to enjoy skiing, instead of cramping up and getting pressure points the whole day. Average width skiers will find that this width is very comfortable and warm.

30mm Power Strap: A velcro strap, 30mm in height, acts as an extra buckle to keep the top of the boot together. The 30mm straps are good for recreational skiers or junior racers.

Dalbello Owner's Manual: This may seem trivial, but Dalbello boots come with the most thorough owner's manual that we've ever seen. They walk you through any and all of the adjustments that each particular boot can make. Thumbs up for the great info, Dalbello!

Additional Info

Ability Level Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced
Gender Men's
Model Year 2017
Forefoot Width 105mm
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
Bindings Boot Compatible Adult
Flex Soft
SKU 38211
Country of Manufacturer Italy
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

Product Questions

Product Questions

This model is not at site of Dalbello (www.dalbello.it/us/boots). What is that?
I am going to purchase my first set of ski boots and question is around responsive as high speeds. I am a advance beginner and by the end of the 2017/2018 season I want to be comfortable at all intermediate runs. The description says these boots may not be as responsive at high speeds. What are you considering "high speeds" I want to ski the intermediate runs but would just want to cruise down the slope and never tuck and bomb down the mountain. Would these boots suffice to control downhill speed?
My foot size measures 270 x 102 & I wear size 10 Australian shoes, my last rental boots were 28.5 & felt good. Will these 28.5 prime 65 boots with a 105 last fit my narrow foot. I only ski beginner & intermediate slopes.
i am a size 10-10.5 US with a very wide foot.
what size does that correlate to


Excellent product which amazingly arrived in at my address in Sydney Australia only 4 days after placing order.Boots replace a pair of Dalbellos I had for 5 seasons. (Posted on 4/12/2017)
AmazingReview by Tyler
These boots are the absolute best (Posted on 1/13/2017)
Great Service Review by Aardvark
Amazing service. We ordered from Canada and the boots took only two days to arrive! Awesome. Plus the boots fit my son who has extra big feet! Well done! (Posted on 12/29/2016)
Great boots for adv. beginnerReview by Paul
My 13 year old son outgrew his old boots and we bought these from Level 9 - so far, these are great boots, no complaints about cold feet or numbness or being too tight, etc. These are noticeably software than mine, I have Dalbello 90 and mine are a stiffer ride than these, it looks like... (Posted on 12/29/2016)
PurrrfectReview by Geriatric Teenager
We have six grandchildren whom we purchase ski equipment for. We originally started with the Roces Adjustable Kids Ski Boots. My oldest grandson now requires "Adult" boots. Last year we purchased these boots. He ski's all mountain, all conditions, with me. Though, I did fall in front of him as I passed him as I skied in powder. So, I will be purchasing his next boots but this year it will be Dalbello Prime 75 vs the 65. (He wanted the red on the boot so that his will be different from his sisters green). Think Powder

(Posted on 11/20/2016)
GreatReview by James
Comfy quality boots for affordable price to Australia
(Posted on 8/20/2016)
AwesomeReview by total
I love these boots. Comfortable to walk and ride in and stay tight all day on the hill. They are also pretty warm, which helps. (Posted on 1/21/2016)

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