DC Squamish Junior Winter Snow Boots


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The Squamish Winter boots From DC are a great winter boot kids. Whether they spend their days sledding, making igloos in snow banks or just walking to the bus stop (speaking from experience), the Squamish boots will keep their little feet warm and dry. They have a full rubber bottom and the upper is made from a combination of polyester and nubuck, both will ensure the boot is waterproof. As far as insulation goes, they are lined with DC's cozy "sherpa" lining, which is a soft, synthetic lining that's warm and comfortable. DC left laces off this boot and instead used a drawstring closure with a zipper to make it easy for the kids to slip them on and walk out the door.

Polyester/Nubuck Upper: The upper part of these boots are made up of a combo of durable polyester and nubuck materials that will help keep moisture out.

Insulated Sherpa Lining: These boots have a plush, cozy synthetic lining that will do a great job keep your feet warm and dry while your tromping through the snow.

String Pull and Zip Closure: These boots have an easy drawstring and zipper closure system instead of traditional laces. Slip the boots on, pull the drawstring to tighten and zip 'em up. It's that easy!

Rubber Bottom: These boots have a grippy rubber bottom/sole so you can walk confidently across ice and snow without slipping around.


Gender Boy's
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