Defiance Blade Snowblades w/LRX 9.0 Bindings

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The Defiance Blade is back and better than ever. This year's Blade features a new red graphic which is twice as cool as it's predecessor especially since it has an adjustable binding (because you know your friends are going to want to try them out). Snowblades are just short fat skis and are a fun alternative for skiers at any ability level. Blades also make for a fun new thing to try if you're already bored of regular skis or snowboard. Included with the Blades, is the Tyrolia LRX 9.0 Binding which can adjust to any boot size between 263-347mm (about 23-30.5) once mounted for easy sharing with friends while up at the resort.

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Ski Sizing
Height (in) Beginner (cm) Intermediate (cm) Advanced (cm)
3'-3'1" 65-74 - -
3'2"-3'3" 75-79 - -
3'4"-3'6" 80-84 - -
3'7"-3'8" 85-94 - -
3'9"-3'10" 95-104 105-109 -
3'11"-4' 105-109 110-114 115-119
4'1"-4'2" 110-114 115-119 120-124
4'3"-4'4" 115-119 120-124 125-129
4'5"-4'6" 120-124 125-129 130-134
4'7"-4'8" 125-129 130-134 135-139
4'9"-4'11" 130-134 135-139 140-144
5'-5'1" 135-139 140-144 145-149
5'2"-5'3" 140-144 145-149 150-159
5'4"-5'5" 145-149 150-154 155-165
5'6"-5'7" 150-154 155-159 160-169
5'8"-5'9" 155-159 160-164 165-175
5'10"-6' 160-164 165-169 170-185
6'1"-6'2" 165-169 170-174 180-195
6'3"-6'4" 170-174 175-185 190-200
6'6" + 180 + 185 + 200 +

This chart provides a range of sizes suffice for skiers based on their height and ability level. Remember, there are lots of different styles of skis these days, so even though the ski fits into your size range, it may not be the ski for you. Use our Ski Selector if you have any doubts or questions, for a more catered list of skis that will make you the best skier on the mountain.



Free Binding Mounting: We will mount you ski bindings for free whenever you order skis and bindings. If you order boots, too, we can adjust them so they are ready to hit the slopes right out of the box! Just be sure to fill out the mounting form that comes up after checkout.

Snowblades are easy to learn on, easy to control, and particularly fun to play around on for anyone, even experienced skiers. The short length makes the experience like a hybrid between rollerblading or ice skating and traditional skiing, where the edging and turning is similar, but everything is shorter and quicker. Navigating hairy terrain like bumps and trees is a breeze in these little sticks, as is jumping and spinning in the terrain park. We recommend these to anyone interested; advanced skiers looking for a fun change of pace could find it here, beginners looking for something to build confidence could find it here, and literally everyone in between.

Cap Construction: The topsheet of this ski drapes over the edge to form a clean and rounded finish to the side of the ski. This style of construction adds some torsional rigidity, and helps reduce topsheet chipping when the skis hit each other.

LRX 9.0 Included: This ski comes with a Head/Tyrolia LRX 9.0 Binding included. The LRX 9.0 is an adjustable LiteRail binding which is exactly what it is, a lightweight binding mounted on a Rail system for easy size adjustment. The DIN range goes from 2.5-9 great for adults of all ability levels.

Defiance Skis: Defiance Skis is an American ski company founded solely to provide high quality, durable equipment at realistic prices. It's 2016! And this is the internet! Shoppers shouldn't have to resort to a decision between renting or buying used gear, and really shouldn't have to spend $800 equipping a beginning skier! All Defiance products are covered under a Lifetime Warranty so not to worry, if anything happens that shouldn't, L9 has gotcha covered. Stay beholden to the big box ski 'sales' if you must, or Defy the Ordinary, the decision is yours and yours alone.

Sintered Base: The material used for the base is harder, and therefore more durable than other options (Extruded). This material should be waxed regularly for best performance.

Wood Core: The standard core which has throughout time provided the best performance and durability. Each model may have it's own density level to help define flex and maximum speed but every wood core ski will be solid.

Additional Info

Ability Level Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced, Expert
Gender Men's, Women's
Terrain Type All Mountain
Model Year 2015
Waist Width Range 90-99mm
Includes Ski Bindings Yes
Twin Tip Yes
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
Core Wood
Construction Cap
Base Sintered
SKU 34862
Warranty Lifetime directly from

Product Questions

Product Questions

How heavy are these blades and bindings? What is their total weight
How wide are the blades at the maximum point?
Are these twin tips? Can these be used in the park?
Will this fit a size 7 shoe size
Will these bindings fit size 7 women's?
Do these come waxed already?
Are these all the ski blades you have in stock ? I need about 4 pairs and I can't seem to find them any where else
Can u do park with these
Any idea how much duty it would cost to ship to Canada (Calgary, Alberta specifically)?
You mention a lifetime warranty in the description, but in two other different places it states a one-year warranty (in specs and extra info). Which is it?
Are these or similar going to be available any time soon? I am interested in purchasing a set.
Are these non-release bindings or release bindings?


A wife-saverReview by kurtho
Bought these last year to entice my youngest daughter (a hold-out to learning to ski or board) to start skiing with me and my other two kids (all are college age). She took the bait, but quickly moved up to regular sized skis (145cm). I took them out a few times, and they were pretty fun! So this year my wife, who skied with me twice 24 years ago and has been idle every since, decided that she was sick of being a "ski-widow", and gave the blades a try. She loved them! No worries about crossing skis tips, she just pizza/french fries her way down the bunny hill. Not sure I could have ever got her back on the slopes if she didn't have these!! (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Super fun and excellent for learning at any level.Review by L9LocalANDLoyal
I got these for several reasons. I used them to help me learn 720s and flips (at the young age of 35). I use them while I'm teaching beginer skiers (much more fun for me when I'm stuck going slow on bunny slopes like Sunnyside at Alta). Furthermore, I do like to share them. They're great for bringing to the mountains on non pow days and passing around. It gets better, they also are awesome to use for teaching new skiiers such as my brother and law. When used together with normal skis, newbs learn to carve much more quickly (day one), learn better balance right off, and can even learn to spin right off (think 270s off of hip jumps). I think every family or group of ski friends should have at least one pair of these. Perfect for training, learning, teaching at any level and/or shiz and giggles on crappy snow days. (Posted on 1/25/2016)
Great BuyReview by Ricky
I bought these snowblade last year due to a injury. I love how easy they are to do get around. I loved these snowblades. Best decision that I have made. you won't be disappointed but also don't expect to win a race with them. (Posted on 1/4/2016)
GreatReview by Aj
Excellent service. Excellent product. Performed as well as I know they can. (Posted on 12/28/2015)
Solid snow blade Review by MarkH
I've ridden these a couple of times. They are solid and easy to use. Lots of fun to ride! Level9 shipped them very quickly--nice service! (Posted on 12/28/2015)
Love these!Review by Intermediate skiier
My husband and I love taking these ski blades out for early season conditions. They were great for groomed runs and we have a blast. They are so easy to maneuver, which makes it easy on the knees when we aren't used to skiing yet. I thought they might be unstable, but with regular ski bindings we find we can do just about anything regular skis can do (jumps, high speeds, etc). Love these! (Posted on 12/7/2015)
PerfectReview by Tbone
Good little skis. I got them to ride while I'm teaching my 5 year old. 3 days at Squaw so far and couldn't be happier with my purchase. (Posted on 12/4/2015)
As promised...Review by Temps
Well I finally jumped onto these blades, & found them pretty easy to use, they are easy to control, turn well,but don't expect land speed records with them. My expererienced skier mate borrowed them and had a lot of fun on them also. A Great purchase! (Posted on 9/3/2015)
SnowBladesReview by Kiwi Karen
Service was great, and the blades arrived as quickly as promised. I have no other blades to compare them to but they are definitely easier to control than my skis and have been great fun and turned some head on Ruapehu. The bindings work well. Very Impressed (Posted on 8/18/2015)
review 1Review by Temps
As always top service from L9....these snowblades look well made & the bindings work soon as we get snow down under I will give you a 2nd review.......Can't wait!! (Posted on 3/22/2015)

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