Defiance Junior Ski Socks


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Adult Sock Sizing
  U.S. Men's U.S. Women's Euro U.K. Calf Circumference
Small 3-5.5 4-6.5 34-37 2-4.5 11"-14.5"
Medium 6-8.5 7-9.5 38-41 5-7.5 12.5"-16.5"
Large 9-11.5 10-12.5 42-45 8-10.5 14.5"-18"
X-Large 12-13.5 10-12.5 42-45 8-10.5 14.5"-18"
Kids Sock Sizing
Size U.S Euro U.K.
X-Small 6-8.5 22-25 5-7.5
Small 9-11.5 26-28 8-10.5
Medium 12-2.5 29-32 11-13.5
Large 3-6 33-36 1-4.5


Gender Boy's, Girl's



Defiance's mission is to provide the customer with the quality gear they need, at an affordable price and socks are a perfect example. Sure, You can go out and spend this months mortgage on a pair of name brand socks for your junior skiers, but you shouldn't have to! At $9.00, this sock is built to last a few seasons. These socks are made up of wool, nylon and elastic to ensure that the socks stay put and wick away moisture; the culprit of cold feet. There is also some cushioning in the heel, toe and shin areas for comfort's sake as well. The Junior Socks come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large which correlate with each of the Roces Adjustable Boot Sizes!

Contoured Rib Top Cuff: This feature makes sure the top of the sock doesn't slip down keeping it in place all day long.

Cushioned Shin and Sole: The shin and sole are cushioned with extra soft material that will both absorb shock and insulate the foot that much more.

Reinforced Toe and Heel: The toe and heel of the socks are reinforced to ensure the longest possible life of the sock while adding comfort at the same time.

Elastic Compression Zones: Located around the ankle area and arch, these elastic parts will add some support and keep the sock in one place on your foot.


Gender Boy's, Girl's
Apparel Warmth Warmer
Apparel Material Nylon, Wool
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty

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