Defiance Kids Ski Package 2-Season Fit Guarantee (Discontinued)

The Defiance 2-season fit guarantee program is no longer available on new purchases. At L9 Sports we have always strived to find ways of better serving our core customer: skiing families. In an effort to offer peace of mind when purchasing gear for growing kids, we experimented with this 2-season fit guarantee concept and while we feel that the idea was solid, in practice it was not a workable program. We are still very confident that your child will get at least two seasons of use out of their Defiance kids ski package with Roces adjustable boots and Defiance skis still come with a LIFETIME warranty against manufacturers defects. Any packages purchased between September 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016 is eligible for the program and can be exchanged for a larger size until October 31, 2016. If you purchased a Defiance kids ski package during this time, please follow the instructions below to take advantage of the program.

Here is a breakdown of how this deal will work:

  1. The deal is applicable for Defiance Junior gear only, so if you child is at the longest length of ski, or largest Roces boot then they have maxed out the sizes available for the deal. This means that if you have a size 140cm ski, a 22.5-25.5 boot you have hit the ceiling for gear applicable to the guarantee.
  2. Return shipping is $7 if you provide return packaging or $20 (US only) if you need us to send you a shipping box to use for the return.
  3. All returned gear must be in usable condition when it arrives back at Level Nine Sports:
    • No rust on edges of skis
    • No ski core material exposed on base or topsheet of skis
    • No delamination or edge separation on skis
    • No broken or cracked edges on skis
    • Superficial scratching and scuffing on skis' topsheets and bases is acceptable so long as no core material is exposed.
    • For boots, the buckles and straps must be functional and intact and the soles should not be worn to the point where they do not interface well with bindings.
  4. Skis are eligible for replacement if they are shorter than armpit height compared to your child.
  5. Replacement skis or boots will be in comparable condition to the gear you return. All replacement gear will be inspected and tested prior to being shipped out.
  6. Replacement skis or boots will be similar in color to the gear you return but may not match exactly.
  7. Gear purchased between September 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016 can be returned for a larger size up until October 31, 2016 prior to the start of the second season.

So you want to take advantage of this offer? Here's how:

  1. Inspect the skis and make sure they are eligible for this program. Make sure they fit the criteria for usable condition laid out above.
  2. Check the length of the skis is shorter than armpit high to your child.
  3. Take photos of the skis from the top and from the bottom, in focus, to verify they are in decent shape.
  4. Contact our customer service department and send us the photos you took.
  5. Arrange the return label and item packaging if necessary and send the gear back
  6. When it arrives here, we will inspect it once more and get your replacement gear set up, tested and shipped out.

Appropriate kids ski size. Skis shorter than this are eligible:

jr ski length

Examples of damage that excludes skis from coverage: