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Lib Tech Skunk Ape II Snowboard 2024

Lib tech skunk ape photo

About Lib Tech Skunk Ape

Lib Tech's experiMENTAL Division’s big guy “dream board”. Constant testing and refinement by Trevor Phillips, Krush Kulesza, Neil Green and Kurt Jensen make this the best larger gentlemen’s power freestyle stick on the planet. A slightly more relaxed longer nose shape for pow float. This ape is absolutely resort ready… hit the rails or put it on rail and trench, your toes won’t drag but your knuckles might. Built in ultra-light HP construction for easy on the front foot chair rides.

Lib tech skunk ape with bindings
Lib tech skunk ape action shot
Lib tech skunk ape backflip action shot

Lib Tech Skunk Ape II Key Details

  • Horsepower Construction [HP]
  • Rages The Resort & Disappears in Woods
  • The Legendary Big Guy Dream Snowboard
  • Floaty ATV Nose Shape
  • Banana Technology [BNA]

Horsepower Construction [HP]

Horsepower Construction starts with a blend of 60% Aspen and 40% Paulownia wood, providing a perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and lightweight design. The Triaxial/Biaxal Fiberglass with Basalt Alloy also offers the perfect amount of stiffness and stability to the board. The Eco Sublimated Poly Top means Lib Tech understands the importance of a stunning topsheet design while minimizing environmental impact. And with a TNT/Sintered base, you'll enjoy a smooth ride without having to sacrifice toughness.

Lib tech horsepower construction
Lib tech banana tech

Banana Technology [BNA]

The C2X is for those seeking extreme perfection with control, precision, and float. It's the perfect rocker/camber hybrid profile to rip everything on the mountain, including pow. With a mild camber under the front foot, shortened rocker in the middle, and aggresive camber in the back, this board is the perfect hybrid for those looking for that extra pop and precision on the mountain.


Experience effortless edge hold with Magne-Traction. Seven strategically located edge serrations will help you experience unreal edge hold and control in all conditions on the mountain. Turns ice into powder.

Lib tech magne traction