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Roces IDEA Children Ski Boots

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The Adjustable Ski Boot For Fast Growing Kids

The Roces IDEA ski boots feature a revolutionary 6-in-1 patented system that allows for adjustable sizing, eliminating the need to purchase new boots every season. Simply turning a lever allows you to adjust the boots length, width and height to ensure a perfect fit. Designed for ease of use, these boots feature a user-friendly design that allows for quick and effortless entry and exit. The comfortable liner provides optimal cushioning and warmth, keeping little feet cozy and ready for action on the slopes.

Level Nine Sports is proud to offer the Roces Idea Up Adjustable Kids Ski Boots, the go-to choice for young skiers looking for performance and adaptability.

Roces 6-in-1 adjuster photo

6 in 1 Growth Adjuster

The “6 in 1” system is unbelievably easy to use: to select the right length you just need to rotate the lever placed on the lower part of the boot (close to the heel) to the chosen size:

  • 1. Open the buckles of your boot
  • 2. Rotate the lever to reach the desired size
  • 3. Close the lever to the proper peg

Roces IDEA UP Key Details

  • 6 in 1 adjustable sizing
  • Effortless entry and exit
  • Desiged to grow with your child
  • Wide color range

Roces IDEA UP 16-18.5

IDEA UP 16.0-18.5 is a single buckled traditional construction shelled boot with adjustable sizes ranging from 16.0-18.5 MP. These youth ski boots are designed to grow with your child, providing an ideal fit for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Black and yellow roces 16-18.5 boot
Roces pink 19-22 boots

Roces IDEA UP 19.0-22.0

IDEA UP 19.0-22.0 is a two buckled boot provided with a special water shell sealing layer with adjustable sizes ranging from 19.0-22.0 MP. These youth ski boots are designed to grow with your child, providing an ideal fit for children aged 5 to 10 years.

Roces IDEA FREE 22.5-25.5

IDEA FREE 22.5.-25.5 is a three buckled and cuff Power Strap strapped boot, provided with a special water shell sealing layer. Adjustable sizes ranging from 22.5-25.5 MP, these youth ski boots are designed to grow with your child, providing an ideal fit for children over 10 years old.

Blue roces 22-25 boots

Defiance Complete Ski Package

Blue defiance and roces ski package
Pink defiance and roces package
Red defiance and roces package

Defiance Complete Ski Packages

Complete packages are a great way to get your kids geared up for the upcoming season. Kids' equipment is usually simpler, so we recommend picking a package rather than buying all the gear separately. We offer packages with our best-selling Roces ski boots. To find the best gear for your kid check out our kids' ski packages.

At Level Nine, we want you to get the most out of your children's gear. The Defiance Package is great for parents trying to introduce their kids to skiing. The package can last up to 3 or 4 years before the child grows out of both ski and boot, making it an incredible deal for any parent. Getting the younger ones out earlier and at affordable prices will make it easier for you as a parent or guardian to get out and enjoy skiing too.