Elan 2015 Pinball Hero Children's Skis w/EL 4.5 QT Bindings

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The Pinball Hero from Elan are about as good as it gets when it comes to kid's twin tip skis. They are a little bit wider than normal junior skis (80mm) and have a twin tip so your little-ones can start dabbling in the terrain park and try to ski backwards. This ski has a textured topsheet and tip protectors to help keep this ski from scratching and in the family for a couple of years. Once the oldest kid gets it, the younger ones are going to be jealous! It also come with some safe, durable and adjustable bindings (105cm: 195-263mm, 115cm: 225-293mm) to keep your kids safe and secure while skiing down whatever and wherever they want.
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SKU 34089