Elan Waveflex 76 Skis w/ EL 10 Bindings 2018

The L9 exclusive Elan Waveflex 76 is back, and not without several upgrades to keep you skiing the day away on the slopes, not to mention skipping those nasty rental lines. The aptly named Waveflex has Elan patented waveflex technology, This precision placed material on top of the ski core adds torsional rigidity providing less chatter and a smoother ride. Updated Elan EL 10.0 Ski Bindings included and feature adjustable system design enabling these skis to be shared between different boot sizes without remounting (Just be sure to have a Certified Ski Technician perform the adjustment). Updated graphics keep the Waveflex timeless, and a textured top sheet is no-nonsense when it comes to outright durability and style. Pick up these skis for yourself or a family member today and get out on the hill. Check out our Complete Elan Waveflex Package for added savings if you don't already have Ski Boots.

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Retail: $500.00 Save 40%

Price as configured: $0.00-2

Ski Sizing
Height (in) Beginner (cm) Intermediate (cm) Advanced (cm)
3'-3'1" 65-74 - -
3'2"-3'3" 75-79 - -
3'4"-3'6" 80-84 - -
3'7"-3'8" 85-94 - -
3'9"-3'10" 95-104 105-109 -
3'11"-4' 105-109 110-114 115-119
4'1"-4'2" 110-114 115-119 120-124
4'3"-4'4" 115-119 120-124 125-129
4'5"-4'6" 120-124 125-129 130-134
4'7"-4'8" 125-129 130-134 135-139
4'9"-4'11" 130-134 135-139 140-144
5'-5'1" 135-139 140-144 145-149
5'2"-5'3" 140-144 145-149 150-159
5'4"-5'5" 145-149 150-154 155-165
5'6"-5'7" 150-154 155-159 160-169
5'8"-5'9" 155-159 160-164 165-175
5'10"-6' 160-164 165-169 170-185
6'1"-6'2" 165-169 170-174 180-195
6'3"-6'4" 170-174 175-185 190-200
6'6" + 180 + 185 + 200 +

This chart provides a range of sizes suffice for skiers based on their height and ability level. Remember, there are lots of different styles of skis these days, so even though the ski fits into your size range, it may not be the ski for you. Use our Ski Selector if you have any doubts or questions, for a more catered list of skis that will make you the best skier on the mountain.

Elan EL 10.0 Shift Ski Bindings   +$0.00
  • Minimum Din: 3
  • Maximum Din: 10
  • Brake Width: 76mm
  • SKU: SV3809
  • Weight (lbs): 3.50

Price as configured: $0.00-2



Parbolic Rocker Profile: Profile that brings a shorter effective length of the ski edge which enables skiers to make effortless turns, Parabolic sidecut for carving turns on all terrains, and Front side Stabilizer which improves ski stability.

Waveflex Technology: Elan's Waveflex is literally waves bored out of the core of the ski, you can see and feel the topsheet has a wave-like texture. The purpose of these waves is to provide a harmonious flex pattern throughout the ski, and lightens up the overall weight of the ski without giving up torsional rigidity.

Metal Tip Protectors: These skis have rugged tip protectors made of metal that will help fight against chipping and damage to the tips, which is both a performance and cosmetic benefit.

Cap Construction: The topsheet of this ski drapes over the edge to form a clean and rounded finish to the side of the ski. This style of construction adds some torsional rigidity, and helps reduce topsheet chipping when the skis hit each other.

Fiber Tech Wrap: A fiberglass network that surrounds the core of the ski. This technology helps the ski flex evenly, creating a smooth, effortless turn.

Textured Surface: Ideal for repelling wear and tear on the skis surface. Textured ski surfaces (aka snakeskin topsheet) are rough surfaces to the ski that hide or repel scratches keep your skis look new long after they are not. Originally designed for rental skis for obvious reasons, this surface is now available on a wide variety of retail skis as well since everyone likes their skis to look nice.

Additional Info

Ability Level Beginner/Intermediate
Gender Men's
Terrain Type Alpine & Carving
Model Year 2018
Waist Width Range 70-79mm
Includes Ski Bindings Yes
Twin Tip No
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada
Core Composite
Construction Cap
Base Extruded
Country of Manufacturer Slovenia
Warranty Lifetime warranty

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