TecnoPro Safine Prestige Women's Skis w/ Tyrolia Railflex Lite 9 Bindings 146cm

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The TecnoPro Safine Prestige is an affordable option for beginner to intermediate lady skiers who plan on skiing mostly on groomed runs. This 76mm wide ski has a refined aesthetic with black and white graphics that ladies will like with a RailFlex Lite 9. This ski is fairly forgiving, which is mainly what makes it best for less aggressive skiers. The Safine will hold up just fine at higher speeds though especially with the torsion power channels that will help with the ski's stability. There is actually a tid bit of early rise in the tip of this ski that will help the ski turn more quickly thus making skiing easier and more fun! This model is slightly less expensive because we switched out the original plate on this ski for the Railflex Lite 9 binding. Please refer to the bold text below for more information.
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SKU 33441

Product Questions

Product Questions

Interested in the Tecno Pro Safine Prestige w Tyrolia Railflex Lite 9. Wife is intermediate skier and previously had 170's. Went to get adjusted last year and they said too old so we rented 145's and she was happy. Shes only 5'3'' and skies in PA only. Not sure these would be good
Hello, I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of these Firefly Safine Prestige Women's Skis w/ Tyrolia LR 9 Bindings 146cm for my 12 year old daughter but I'm not sure if they are the right ski or right size for her. She is exactly 5ft tall and 90lbs. She is a solid intermediate skiier. She is very comfortable on blues, skiis double blues every so often and is able to do the occasional diamond when she is in the mood. Last year she skied on Fischer Koa Girl 130s. I'm not sure if going up to 146 will be too big a jump for her. She has had an incredible growth spurt in the past year and has grown 5" in the past 10 months. I'm sure she will grow at least another 2" by mid winter. I'm tossed between getting her a junior ski and a women's ski. I would like her to get something that she will be able to use for at least 2 - 3 years but do not want to get something that is beyond her level. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tammy
are theses rocker skis
What size boot are these bindings good for? I have small feet. Thanks!


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