Fischer PROFOIL Climbing Skins Pre-cut for Hannibal 94 Skis 2017

Fischer’s exclusive PROFOIL is the easy-to-use and lightweight solution for backcountry adventurers and winter alpinists. This revolutionary adhesive full-length ski base attachment powered by Fischer’s Crown Technology allows you to lengthen your uphill stride and provides permanent grip in all snow conditions. PROFOIL is made from a waterproof material that prevents water absorption, thus eliminating weight gain while ascending instead of heavier nylon or mohair skins that are hard to tear apart. With PROFOIL Skins you reach the summit faster, at the same time you will experience an entirely new sensation of comfort and performance. This Model comes precut for the Fischer Hannibal 94 Skis which come standard with a skin notch hole in the tip for a perfect fit!

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Fischer Profoil Touring Skins for Hannibal 94 170cm 4
Fischer Profoil Touring Skins for Hannibal 94 177cm Skis 4
Fischer Profoil Touring Skin for Hannibal 94 184cm Skis 1

Retail: $275.00 Save 49%

Retail: $275.00 Save 49%



Crown Glide Technology: You glide much faster and benefit from a much better lift to drag ratio due to the super low friction coefficient of the PROFOIL base material.

Waterproof Skin Material: Minimal water absorption allows PROFOIL to remain dry and thus lightweight in any snow condition. In other words, its next to impossible for snow to stick to the bottom of these skins.

Crown Grip Technology: No matter if wet or dry, cold or warm, the special PROFOIL structure offers a maximum of grip within diverse snow conditions.

Bigger Stride: A longer glide allows for a bigger stride; upwards of 20% bigger! With PROFOIL you reach the summit faster and with much less effort.

Additional Info

Model Year 2017
International Availability-Prices USD Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina
Country of Manufacturer China
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty
Gender Men's, Women's

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