Flow NX2-SE Men's Snowboard Bindings

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Generic Snowboard Binding Sizing
Size Men (US) Women (US) Junior (US)
XS - - to size adult 6
XS/S - - to size adult 6
S 4-8 5-8 to size adult 6
S/M 6-10 5-8 -
M 6-10 7-11 -
M/L 9-13 7-11 -
L 10-13 8+ -
L/XL 10-13 - -
XL 10+ - -


Gender Men's



The NX2-SE is definitely THE most heavy duty snowboard binding we have carried so far here at L9. These are all about one thing METAL. The base-plate is made of aluminum which makes this pretty much a beast of a binding. Entry and exit has of course never been easier with the Hybrid PowerCapStrap that allows for side or back-entry. These bindings are set up for ultimate shock absorption as well, so you can send those cliffs and jumps as big as you want. These are a fairly stiff binding for more aggressive riders and will give them the support and performance they need while going bigger, shredding faster and charging harder than everyone else on the mountain.

SpeedEntry with Reclining HiBack: Flow bindings are famous for this revolutionary feature that makes life on the hill a whole lot easier. The hibacks are connected to the binding via steel cables which allow you to flip all them back so you can slide your foot in and out from behind. This makes it so you don't have to readjust your straps at the top of every run. To ride, simply snap the hiback back to its upright position.

Hybrid PowerCapStrap: This binding has a two strap system: 1. A toecap strap with two points of adjustment (as opposed to the usual one) 2. A three point main padded strap that is adjustable with two quick-set buckles and one ratchet. Basically, adding more versatility and adjustment to dial in the fit making this a much more high performance binding.

Landing Pad Shock Absorbers: On the base of the binding, in the toe and heel region are dense foam regions that will help absorb a lot of the bumps and bounces that you'll encounter at higher speeds and hairier terrain.

Toe Cap Strap: The toe strap is actually a 'cap', which pulls on the toe of the boot down and back. Some riders can't live without this type of strap, and others could care less. It does provide a solid connection between the boot and the binding, and that is never a bad thing.

ModBack Hiback System: The heel-cup of this binding is made of aluminum for stability boot hold and the top half of the hi-back is a softer urethane for a softer flex for added comfort and mobility for tweaking grabs and spinning off of jumps.

3 Quickset Buckles, 2 Ratchet Buckles: As opposed to the other Flow bindings with 4 Quickset buckles that you set once at the beginning of the day (and don't really touch after that), these bindings have a mini-ratchet buckle at the lower and upper end of the Powerstrap. This means you can dial in a different fit from run to run, tightening and loosening with the power of a well designed ratchet.

Adjustable Forward Lean: Adjust the position of the highback for more flexibility for freestyle, or more forward to get better performance at high speed.

Aluminum Offset Discs: The binding discs are made of heavy duty aluminum and can be offset for a more customizable stance width and 5mm of toe-heel adjustment.

Ventilated Hiback: Air holes (speed holes) in the back plate help keep the airflow (hopefully your pants are breathable!) around your calf from being completely stagnant (and therefore sweaty).

N.A.S.T.Y. Strap Technology: NASTY stands for New Active Strap Technology which means that the strap automatically lifts up when you open the reclining hiback and actively tightens again when you close the hiback. Essentially making your bindings even easier to get in and out of.

Flow Stickers Included: A page of stickers comes in each binding box for maximum vandalization customization. Just for fun. And also the instructional guide opens up and turns into a poster. Also just for fun.


Gender Men's
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