Flow Shifty Snowboard

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Snowboard Sizing
Rider Height Typical Board Length (cm)
4' 109cm
4'2" 114-120cm
4'4" 115-125cm
4'6" 118-135cm
4'8" 120-135cm
4'10" 125-140cm
5' 130-142cm
5'2" 135-145cm
5'4" 140-148cm
5'6" 145-152cm
5'8" 147-155cm
5'10" 154-163cm
6' 157-165cm
6'1" 160-168cm
6'2" 165cm or greater

Generic Snowboard Sizing Chart

A good rule for snowboard sizing is about chin height. A little longer for stronger or heavier than your height riders. A little shorter for beginners or lighter than your height riders. Also keep in mind if you have very small feet for your height you will probably need a shorter and thus narrower board and if you have big feet for your height you may need a longer and thus wider board for your height.

Gender Men's
Ability Level Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced



Reminiscent of Creature Skateboard graphics, the Shifty snowboard from Flow is an exceptional freestyle board that can be taken through any terrain with ease. The Pop-Cam Rocker combines traditional camber under the feet for a stable catch-free ride on any terrain. We recommend this board if you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking for a fairly stiff board for sliding rails, slashing powder or laying down carves on groomers. It truly will do it all, quite well we may add.

Pop-Cam Technology: Three phase camber makes this the most fun cambered construction on the market. Features traditional camber under the feet yet is flat between the bindings for added grip on ice, better float in the pow and locking onto rails, leaving the tip and tail mellow and free.

Wood Core Construction: This board sports a wood core, which helps dampen a bumpy a ride, giving the board a smoother ride. The wood core also helps maintain the camber of the board so it stays springy and lively.

Sidewall Construction: Full Sidewall/Sandwich boards are more rigid and great at dampening vibrations when riding at high speeds.

Transitional Sidecut: This board does not have a single parabolic sidecut, instead the shape is made up from multiple parabolic sidecuts, meaning that the turning radius can be shorter or longer depending on where on the board you initiate your turn. This type of sidecut is very versatile, as this board can be extremely nimble if it needs to be, or you can just lay it flat and point downhill if you prefer.

Biaxal Fiberglass: Fiberglass is layered at two angles (perpendicular to eachother) for added torsional strength without added weight.

Sintered 4000 Base: Speed, wax absorption and durability are the main ingredients of the sintered 4000 base. This is done by building the base with quality material and leaving out speed-robbing additives.

True Twin Design: Equal amounts of nose and tail allow a rider equal opportunity to ride in any direction. Basically, riding switch will feel the same as regular.

Carbon Fiber Layer: This board has a layer of Carbon Fiber, which stiffens the board without adding much weight. The Carbon layer also makes the board stronger to withstand the abuse of more aggressive riding.


Snowboard Terrain All Mountain
Ability Level Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced
Gender Men's
Snowbord Rocker Type Flat/Camber/Flat
Snowboard Flex Medium
International Availability-Prices USD United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Chile/Argentina, UK, Ireland, Japan
SKU 31280
Country of Manufacturer China
Warranty Manufacturers one year standard warranty
Construction Sandwich
Core Wood
Base Sintered

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